Podcast Episode 43: Headshaking — real causes and solutions

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Why haven’t scientists solved headshaking in horses yet? They know it’s a cranial nerve problem. Yet when scientists inspect the nerves, they can’t find anything wrong. That’s because it’s a nerve transmission problem, rather than a problem with the nerve itself. Care for the full explanation? It’s on today’s Horse Mysteries Solved? podcast. — Links Mentioned: Tucker BioKinetic University TBT … Read More

Podcast Episode 42: Kissing Spine — Part 2

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If you listened to the last podcast of Horse Mysteries Solved, you know we talked about the true cause of kissing spine in horses. This podcast is a continuation: Kissing spine Part 2. The body has multiple compensation layers available to it. You may be familiar with this straightforward example: when the left leg hurts, the body puts more weight … Read More

Episode 14: Scar tissue — what can be done about it?

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    Have you had frustrations with a horse with scar tissue? Common scenarios: Short-strided hind end issues after gelding Tendon or ligament adhesions (stuck together) after injury Difficult breathing or coughing after bout with ‘flu or pneumonia Stiff or difficulty bending with chronic diarrhea These are just a few examples to give you the idea that scar tissue can … Read More