Podcast episode 49: Moody Mares and problem pregnancies.

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Have you or your friends ever dealt with a moody mare? Not just a regular cycling mare, but the super over-the-top moody mares. (I’ve heard them called “psycho-b#*ches”) On today’s Horse Mysteries Solved podcast, we chat about WHY some mares are moody, and some not. There’s so many mares regularly on raspberry leaves or chasteberry or Regumate, that it becomes … Read More

Podcast Episode 48: Case Examples

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I’ve got three case examples for you in today’s Horse Mysteries Solved podcast -Surprising ulcer fix -Dangerous tripping with high-heel, low-heel syndrome -Trying to get topline for years, magically fixed overnight You can listen to the real life stories on today’s podcast. ttyl, Renee PS: We have a new course! It has everything you need to know to keep your … Read More

Podcast Episode 47: Colic and the travelator

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Here’s the bad news: Colic is the #1 cause of death in horses. Impaction colic is involved in about 80% of all colic types. Here’s the good news: Impaction colic is totally preventable. In today’s Horse Mysteries Solved podcast, I’ll share with you an easy to remember analogy about how the intestine works — which is surprisingly like an airport … Read More

Podcast Episode 46: Cellulitis

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I hope you are NOT familiar with cellulitis, because it is not good. There’s an image of a horse leg with cellulitis below (graphic warning). Articles state that over 50% of cellulitis cases come with no warning, and no signs of trauma or cut skin. It’s currently a veterinary mystery. Which is why it’s on today’s Horse Mysteries Solved podcast. … Read More

Podcast Episode 45: When should you get an MRI?

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Has your horse had an MRI? I would love to hear the results. In todays Horse Mysteries Solved podcast, I’m sharing MRI results on a lame horse. Why would it matter? Because we discuss: -Were the results helpful? -What could have been done? -Why is the horse still lame? Plus: -Pros and cons of MRIs -Why MRIs can make you … Read More

Podcast Episode 43: Headshaking — real causes and solutions

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Why haven’t scientists solved headshaking in horses yet? They know it’s a cranial nerve problem. Yet when scientists inspect the nerves, they can’t find anything wrong. That’s because it’s a nerve transmission problem, rather than a problem with the nerve itself. Care for the full explanation? It’s on today’s Horse Mysteries Solved? podcast. — Links Mentioned: Tucker BioKinetic University TBT … Read More

Podcast Episode 42: Kissing Spine — Part 2

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If you listened to the last podcast of Horse Mysteries Solved, you know we talked about the true cause of kissing spine in horses. This podcast is a continuation: Kissing spine Part 2. The body has multiple compensation layers available to it. You may be familiar with this straightforward example: when the left leg hurts, the body puts more weight … Read More