Podcast Episode 29: Should you ever do joint injections?

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Have you ever wondered if joint injections are good for your horse? If they are good, when do you do them? If they’re not good, what options are available? All this and more on today’s Horse Mysteries Now podcast. Links Mentioned: www.hoofingmarvelous.com Transcription: Renee (00:01) Hello, friends. Dr. Renee Tucker here. Hey, we had one of our listeners request a … Read More

Podcast Episode 28: Stop watching the horse move

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Many people say they’d like to be better at horse gait analysis. You know, where you watch the horse and look for short-striding, unevenness, gait assymmetries…stuff like that. But should you even do that? Is it a waste of time? More about why or why not on today’s Horse Mysteries Solved podcast. Links Mentioned: Purchase: Where Does My Horse Hurt … Read More

TBT vs Quantum Computers

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“Today, most of us operate on the premise that everything we know can ultimately be broken down into components and “measured”. But joined with this lay a hidden assumption: that the only things are real, are those things which we can measure.” –Matt Treacey, Natural Orders     TBT (Tucker BioKinetic Technique) is an alignment technique using energy. When we … Read More

Podcast Episode 26: TBT vs. Masterson Method

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Today’s Horse Mysteries Solved Ep. 26 podcast is a fun comparison between TBT (Tucker BioKinetic Technique) and the Masterson Method. This is not a competition! lol Both techniques are good. And it’s not a matter of one OR the other. Sometimes people get stuck on “this OR that”. When in fact life is more fun and less stressful when you … Read More

Podcast Episode 25: Downhill vs. uphill

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You know, when I walk or run, uphill is not my favorite. So you can imagine my surprise when a client told me her horse hates to go downhill. I mean, downhill is the easy direct, isn’t it? Hear more about the three items to check when your horse is reluctant to go downhill. Blessings, Renee Tucker, DVM Links Mentioned: … Read More

Podcast Episode 24: Bit avoidance problems?

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Today on Horse Mysteries Solved podcast, I’ve got five suggestions for horses that avoid bit contact. This includes two types of avoidance: 1) Where the horse barely opens the mouth for the bit. 2) Where the horse is completely behind the vertical. Same five suggestions for each problem. Most are considerations in the horse’s mouth and head, but sometimes it … Read More

Podcast Episode 23: Get your horse to focus

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Do you ever have trouble getting your horse to focus? Not just random loss of attention. But where trainers might say, “This horse is a slow learner. She just has trouble focusing.” On today’s Horse Mysteries Solved Podcast, we talk about 5 possibilities for what might be causing that lack of focus. Here’s to always finding the “why”, Renee Tucker, … Read More