Podcast Episode 41: Lamenesses that hide — kissing spine

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I’m super excited about this kissing spine podcast. Why? Because I just had someone verify my theory! Weird and wonderful ideas you’ll hear on this Horse Mysteries Solved podcast: There is no evidence that kissing spine itself causes pain What could be causing kissing spine? Does the body do it on purpose? Why? Every horse with kissing spine that I’ve … Read More

Podcast Episode 40: Lamenesses that hide–coffin joints

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Have you ever had a horse that just doesn’t show the same enthusiasm for work that he or she used to? Maybe a jumper who didn’t want to jump anymore? Or barrel racer who backs out of the box? There are many more examples of how horses show they’re not comfortable. On today’s Horse Mysteries Solved podcast, let’s chat about … Read More

Podcast Episode 39: Lameness that hides — Stiffness

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Stiffness often starts subtly. It’s hard to tell if a horse is stiff, or “just getting old”. The Horse Mysteries Solved podcast out today talks about the two most common causes of stiffness and what to do about it. Stop injecting joints and try these easy tips first. Cheers, Renee Tucker, DVM Links Mentioned: –Where Does My Horse Hurt Book … Read More

Podcast Episode 38: Lameness that hides — stifle problems

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Ever wonder what the vet is thinking when your horse has a tricky lameness, like stifle issues? In this Horse Mysteries Solved podcast, I share what vets are thinking regarding stifles. Then, we talk about alternative practitioners viewpoints. Most important takeaway? That the primary cause of chronic stifle issues is (about 80% of the time)…..in the opposite hind leg. “What?! … Read More

Podcast Episode 37: Antibiotics and Hoof abscesses

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Whatever you do, don’t listen to this podcast while you’re eating. This short podcast on Horse Mysteries Solved talks about the do’s and don’ts of hoof abscesses. Transcript: Renee (00:00) You. Hello, my friends. I hope you’re having a good day. This is Dr. Renee Tucker, equine veterinarian for over 25 years now and also the creator of Tucker Biokinetic … Read More

Podcast Episode 36: Anti-inflammatories and the refrigerator

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I’ve got a fun podcast for you today on Horse Mysteries Solved. We all think of inflammation as an area with heat, swelling, and pain…but what IS it? This podcast chat is about: -What inflammation actually is -Is inflammation good or bad? -What to do to help with inflammation -What to avoid As always, I look forward to your comments, … Read More

Podcast Episode 35: Ins and Outs of SALT

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Are you using regular table salt? I hope not. Typical table salts have been heavily processed, bleached, and heated. This high heat changes the chemical structure of sodium chloride, transforming it into an indigestible toxin. Up to 80 minerals and essential trace minerals are removed. It also contains chemically engineered anti-caking agents called calcium silicate. The above information can be … Read More

Podcast Episode 34: Horse health happiness #5: Accessories

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If you have time for a short podcast today, we have the final podcast of our horse health happiness series: #5 Accessories. The accessories to health are vaccines, dewormers, and supplements. This podcast is short as there is only so much I can say at the moment. But I’ll get back to you later with more details. (I don’t want … Read More