Body Checkup How-to Videos

What Are Body Checkups?

Body Checkups are simple movements that you perform on your horse’s body. Some Checkups look for “ouch”, while others look for a “range of movement”.

The results of each Body Checkup tell you if your horse has a problem, has pain, or is perfectly fine.

The following “how-to” videos demonstrate the Body Checkups described in Where Does My Horse Hurt?

How to check the thoracic, or mid-back, area for movement. If your horse’s thoracic area doesn’t move well, your horse will feel stiff and be reluctant to bend.


This video shows how to check the SI (sacroiliac). If your horse has a sacroiliac problem, she may be short-strided behind, feel “peg-legged”, or sometimes “feels like he stepped in a hole, but there wasn’t one there.”


Many people check their horses neck flexibility with carrot stretches. Those work fine. Just add in the movement for this Checkup and you’ll have more definite information.


Ribs! If people only knew how many horses need their ribs adjusted. Ribs commonly get “out” from poor fitting saddles.


The intertransverse joint is easy to check, once you find it. It can be the culprit in subtle short-striding.


Looking for more videos and help to go with them?

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