If you want to know the most holistic, true-to-nature, and  healthy solutions for your horse … welcome.

I’m Dr. Renee Tucker.   I have specialized in equine acupuncture and chiropractic since 2000. I’m also the author of “Where Does My Horse Hurt”, an Amazon Equine Medicine Best-Seller since its release in 2011.

If you want to find the answers to your horse’s most puzzling problems, this is the place to be.

You’ll find “Get Help” articles in the Horse Problems Database,  how-to videos, “50 Horse Secrets” emails, and Featured Cases.

One of the most frustrating things my clients face is not knowing how to help their horse

Whether the problem is physical, behavioral or related to performance. Do you call the vet? Trainer? Farrier? Psychic?

Do you need a new saddle, training video, feed change or titanium shoes?

Where can you go to solve the mystery?

Here’s what I can no longer tolerate —  horse owners in distress because they’ve been trying and trying to help their horse — and no one could help them.  People who have spent thousands of dollars and years of waiting for healing, when they just needed the right path for their horse.

I’m sick of it.  My mission is get useful horse information (not medical gobbledegook) out there for everyone.

I’d like to help you solve the mystery.

What can you expect from me?

Straight talk.  I’ll share as many answers for horse problems that I’m able to.   I love horses and want to help as many as possible.

No BS.  I believe horse owners are intelligent and love discovering how to better help their horses.  I’m not going to talk to you like you’re an idiot.

I’ve seen heartbreaking stories. Horses that could have been saved. SHOULD have been saved. Quite simply, my greatest desire is to help you help your horse.

“People laugh when they say their horse didn’t come with an owner’s manual. But the 50 Horse Secrets comes close to having one!” ~ Carolyn K

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