Podcast Episode #4: Acupuncture vs Energywork

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In this episode of “Horse Mysteries Solved”… Acupuncture vs Energywork We had an interesting question come in… Fred wanted to know if energy bodywork is the same as acupuncture without needles. A good question! There’s so many therapy modalities available, it can be tough to figure out how each one works… and which one might be best for your horse. … Read More

Podcast Episode #3: When massage will NOT help

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In this episode of “Horse Mysteries Solved”… When massage will NOT help Do you have your horse massaged? I’m sure he or she loves it. :) But do you ever wonder if it is helping in the long-term? Or is massage just for short-term muscle relief? Find out: * when massage is best used * when it won’t help * … Read More

Horse colic and surgery

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  After surgery, do you know this top indicator of horse healing? My friend Ruth’s horse had colic surgery a while back. He is 22 years old. Tough old guy. He had an impaction that he couldn’t clear. But everything went well during surgery. Fast forward two months. He’s just not right. He’s eating fine, but not as “interested.” His … Read More

Coughing during warmup?

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Any horse can cough during warmup. Especially if it’s hot, dry, or dusty. But what if the horse always coughs during warmup, just at the beginning? Is that normal? Julie was telling me about her horse, “Cal”, as we walked down the aisleway. We could see Cal ahead, sticking his chestnut head over the door and nickering. “Cal is mostly … Read More