Podcast Episode #4: Acupuncture vs Energywork

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In this episode of “Horse Mysteries Solved”…

Acupuncture vs Energywork

We had an interesting question come in…

Fred wanted to know if energy bodywork is the same as acupuncture without needles.

A good question!

There’s so many therapy modalities available, it can be tough to figure out how each one works… and which one might be best for your horse.

I shared my thoughts about Fred’s question on today’s Horse Mysteries Solved podcast.

I hope you enjoy it! We’d also love to answer your questions too. Please email to support@tuckerbiokinetic.com

Summary by AI:
Dr. Renee Tucker from Tucker Biokinetic University addresses the difference between acupuncture and energy work, responding to a viewer question. Acupuncture involves unblocking the body’s life force energy, known as Qi, along specific pathways called meridians using needles. When Qi flow is the primary issue, acupuncture is effective. On the other hand, energy work encompasses various modalities that work with the body’s energy, such as Reiki and chakra energy work, either within the body or its energy field. Some practitioners may use their own energy, while others work directly with the patient’s energy. Tucker introduces her own modality, Tucker Biokinetic Technique (TBT), which operates at the quantum level without relying on the practitioner’s energy. She simplifies the explanation, acknowledging the complexity of quantum mechanics and emphasizes the effectiveness of these approaches in addressing energy imbalances.


Renee Tucker (00:01)
Hello, my friends, Dr. Renee Tucker here from Tucker Biokinetic University. Hey, today I wanted to answer a question that came in which was, is Acupuncture the same thing as energy work? But energy work would be without needles, which is a good question. So let’s talk about the difference between Acupuncture and energy work, because it does kind of seem like Acupuncture uses energy of the body called Chi along meridians, which are like pathways and energy work should be the same thing, right?

Renee Tucker (00:37)
Well, not quite. Okay, so if you’re not familiar with Acupuncture, I gave you a little primer there, but Qi, which is spelled Qi, is like the life force energy of the body. So what I mean by that is it’s hard to explain these things. First of all, because we don’t have enough vocabulary. So we keep using energy for a lot of different things.

Renee Tucker (01:02)
For example, life force energy, for my opinion, is like we go sleep, we have a really lovely, perfect sleep, wake up, refreshed, and we jump out of bed and we have all the energy we need to face the day. Some days it’s not so good and we have to have a cup of coffee or five, and then we have the energy to face the day. That type of life force energy is what we’re talking about with Acupuncture. Now, in the body, the life force energy or cheat, tends to run around in these meridians. So they’re like highways, they’re specific pathways.

Renee Tucker (01:41)
Some are short pathways, some are longer. Like the bottom radiant runs all the way down the body from the head to the tail. Okay, others are shorter, just go down the leg, et cetera. But that life force energy tends to run along these meridians. And then what Acupuncture does is when the Chi is stuck, they call it officially stagnant, like a stagnant pond, stagnant swamp.

Renee Tucker (02:10)
When it’s not flowing where it’s supposed to be going, then it becomes stuck or stagnant. And because that’s not flowing, that energy is not flowing. Other things become stuck as well, such as your circulation. So your blood flow will get stuck, your Lymphatics will get stuck. Sometimes even nerve transmission can be stuck or slowed.

Renee Tucker (02:35)
And so doing Acupuncture, we put needles in along these meridians at the energy runs, and that gets it flowing. It’s sort of like when cars are stuck in traffic, like here in Los Angeles. Do you know we have six lanes of traffic in both directions on some of our highways? It’s really ridiculous. But there they are lots and lots of cars.

Renee Tucker (02:57)
And when there’s traffic, it is jammed when there’s an accident. And so everything is stuck, stagnant, if you will. But by the time they get that blockage out of the accident, then everything starts flowing in. So that is similar to the idea of Acupuncture, where we have a normal flow of energy. Nice Chi life force energy.

Renee Tucker (03:20)
If it becomes stagnant, it makes things kind of sick, not working very well. And then we remove the blockages by adding the needles. And as the energy starts flowing, then everything else can become happy as well. So when the chief flow is the primary problem, then that’s perfect for Acupuncture. Okay.

Renee Tucker (03:45)
And then if chi-flow is really a secondary issue, then the Acupuncture won’t help quite as much. Now how is that different from other types of energy? Body work, also called energy work. Same thing. Well, here’s the thing.

Renee Tucker (04:01)
There’s a lot of different types of energy work. Most people are familiar with Reiki. That’s the type of energy work. There’s a long list of these. If you want to search on the Internet, there’s Chakra energy work where you work on the chakras of your body.

Renee Tucker (04:21)
And those are in mostly the energy field of the body. There’s like the energy of internal organs. There’s energy of the knee. So in many energy work modalities, if, for example, the knee hurts so the knee energy isn’t right, the practitioner will put their hands on the knee and they could use their energy or they work with the patient’s energy of the knee and try to get that much happier in many different ways. So I’m just going to go with happy.

Renee Tucker (04:54)
Okay. All right. So for some energy work modalities, people are putting their own energy into the patient. Now, honestly, I don’t recommend that. It’s not that it’s bad for the patient.

Renee Tucker (05:07)
It’s that most people agree that over time, if you continuously put your energy, your life force energy into a person or an animal for months and years at a time, then you’ll run out of energy. It just becomes too hard to keep your own energy levels up and people can actually get sick from that. So if you’re thinking about doing different types of body work, try to find energy work that does not put your own energy into somebody else. Some of Reiki does that. But I’ve learned from different people that there’s also different philosophies of Reiki.

Renee Tucker (05:49)
So even if you’re looking at one type of energy work, there’s also subcategories depending on really who’s teaching it. So that gets even more confusing. But let’s carry on, shall we? Okay, so some people are giving their own energy, and as I already mentioned, some people are just working with the body’s energy directly, which is totally fine. There’s also the energy field of the body.

Renee Tucker (06:13)
Now you might say, what’s an energy field? Okay. You might be familiar with the term an aura. That’s A-U-R-A. Back in the day when I originally heard the term aura, that was used by crazy wackadoodle people, people who can see the aura.

Renee Tucker (06:34)
Right. Okay. Sorry to make fun of all of you who can see auras. I’m not making fun of anymore. But at the time it was thought to be crazy.

Renee Tucker (06:42)
I had a friend and she said she could see auras from the time she was about four years old. She distinctly remembers it. She can still see people’s auras to this day. And she said what she learned by the time she was five years old was not to tell people because it was thought you were crazy. No one knew anything about this.

Renee Tucker (07:01)
And now science has found that they have the technology now to see the auras with machines. And you can find these pictures on the internet. There’s plenty of them. They’ll show the same. People with different emotions, have a different colored aura.

Renee Tucker (07:17)
It’s just a thing, people. We got an energy field. So the energy field is our energy that’s off of our body. And for people, it’s usually about anywhere from six inches, let’s say a foot and a half. So anywhere from five to 20 CM, it’s just an average.

Renee Tucker (07:38)
But what’s really cool is horses. Energy fields scientists have measured goes out 10ft. That’s nearly 3 meters of energy field, which means they can see your energy field and you’re interacting with their energy field Long before you think it is, before you even go in the stall, they’re already feeling your energy field. So I think that’s really quite fascinating. Horses seem to know what you’re up to Just by looking at you.

Renee Tucker (08:08)
Sometimes I wonder if they can see the energy field, which would be super interesting, kind of freaky. Okay, my point is, though, some energy work works within the energy field itself, so not in your body, but outside of the body in the energy field, which we can now take pictures of. And I said the example of Chakra is one example, but also people do other types of energy work that’s also in the energy field or in the body. So the difference then is acupuncture is kind of a specific life force energy that stay in the meridians and then there’s other energies of the body, Such as the energy of the knee or the energy of, say, the liver. Okay, now another layer to this is that we brought up thinking that everything in life is the three States of matter.

Renee Tucker (09:05)
Remember, that could have been high school, I don’t know. But anyways, it was a solid, liquid and gas. These are the States of matter for solid, liquid and gas, that’s it. Well, that’s true, but on another level, if you will, if you look down at the atomic level, well, now you have atoms, atomic. So those are protons and neutrons and electrons.

Renee Tucker (09:31)
Those guys are always zipping around, they’re always moving. And then an even lower level than that or higher magnification, if you will, there’s the quantum level. So all those atoms can be subdivided into subatomic particles Such as quarks and leptons and gluons. And really the quantum level has much funner names. Let’s face it, they got all kinds of names and those quarks and leptons are further subdivided.

Renee Tucker (10:05)
The point is we don’t need to know all those names Even though they’re farmed but that they’re constantly moving. So we think of a table, for example as solid state of matter. But really if you look down with the quantum level, all those little tiny particles, they’re always moving, they’re constantly moving, they constantly are using energy and some physicists say all the whole world is energy and we’re all 100% energy. So at a certain level, depending on where you’re looking at it and how you’re looking at it, the liver may seem solid but really it’s all energetical. This is where it’s all confusing.

Renee Tucker (10:53)
The whole thing is confusing but the question is does it work all right, that’s what’s really important and I know usually people want to know, well, what is TBT that’s the modality that I do that I created and so with TBT Tucker Tucker biokinetic technique work at the quantum level. That sounds snazzy. It is snazzy indeed. So if you’re considering TBT, don’t worry though. I really make stuff super simple as possible.

Renee Tucker (11:24)
We talked a smidgen about quantum mechanics but not very much. We just work there. We put our energy there at the quantum level and connect it with the patient’s quantum level energy but we’re not using our energy because that would make us tired and then we work to align all the energies. It’s so hard to explain so I’m sorry for that little shortcut there but that’s the gist of it. So we got acupuncture life force energy along the meridians.

Renee Tucker (11:59)
Lots of varieties of energy work kind of an umbrella term. Some work in energy fields, some work in the body, some people use their own energy, some just work with the patient’s energy and then some like TBT work at the quantum level. Still energy work but deeper if you will and it’s all very fascinating. I hope that answered the question of the person who sent that in. Thank you very much.

Renee Tucker (12:29)
If you have any other questions, please let us know or support at Tucker Biokinetic for questions and I’ll see you guys next time.

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