Podcast Episode 34: Horse health happiness #5: Accessories

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If you have time for a short podcast today, we have the final podcast of our horse health happiness series: #5 Accessories.

The accessories to health are vaccines, dewormers, and supplements.

This podcast is short as there is only so much I can say at the moment. But I’ll get back to you later with more details.

(I don’t want to be mysterious, but I can’t tell you and I can’t tell you why. –Name the movie quote. ;))

As always I welcome your comments and questions.

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Summary by AI:

Dr. Renee Tucker discusses horse health accessories in her podcast episode “Horse Health Happiness Number Five.” She clarifies that she’s focusing on health accessories like supplements, vaccines, and dewormers, not fashion accessories like saddles and bridles.

She mentions her decision to limit the public information she shares due to concerns for her safety, hinting at dangers faced by holistic doctors. Renee plans to offer more detailed information behind a paywall to reduce the risk of being targeted.

Renee emphasizes giving horses the absolute minimum vaccines and dewormers necessary, acknowledging that circumstances may vary but advocating for minimal usage.

Regarding supplements, Renee advises against excessive use and recommends focusing on human-grade vitamins and minerals from reputable brands like Standard Process. She criticizes the use of fillers like flaxseed and whey protein in many horse supplements, advocating for simpler, more concentrated options.

In conclusion, Renee stresses the importance of providing horses with quality hay and suggests considering supplements only when necessary, with a preference for minimalism. She signs off, thanking listeners for tuning in.


Renee (00:01)
Hello, my friends. Dr. Renee Tucker here back at you with Horse Health Happiness Number Five, which is horse accessories. All right? So I am going to be talking about the supplements, vaccine, dewormers.

Renee (00:15)
I’m not talking about horse accessories like tack, like saddles and bridles and nice bling and that kind of thing, not fashion accessories. Okay. Health accessories. All right. So that’s going to be just supplements, vaccines, dewormers.

Renee (00:33)
And I’m going to keep this short and it may be a disappointment. And that’s because I’ve decided that I want to live. Yes. So I can only stay so many things that’s just public and out there on the internet. I don’t know if you’re familiar with this, but over 50 at least holistic doctors have been offed, if you will, killed, murdered by who?

Renee (01:01)
Can say, because they’re holistic doctors. So I still have kids at home, but what I plan on doing is putting this stuff and what I really want to say behind a paywall. So I’m thinking like a mini short course, like very inexpensive. But if it’s behind a paywall, then there’s much less likely that I’ll be put on a hit list. All right, now after that really fun news, here’s what I can say.

Renee (01:34)
Okay, first of all, let me just get this simple stuff up. For vaccines and for dewormers, give the absolute minimum that you can. Minimum. Think, think the most minimum minimum that you can and do that. I know everyone is in different situations and you sometimes have to do things that maybe wouldn’t be your preference, but I’ll talk more about that in the course.

Renee (02:01)
But as much as you can. Absolute minimum on vaccines and dewormers. See, I said that would be short. Okay, and then I’m just going to talk for a minute about the supplements. Really, we don’t want to have that many supplements.

Renee (02:17)
Okay. That should supplement the diet of all grass, hay if needed at all. Though sometimes there are areas where we just don’t have the hay or maybe the soil isn’t so good. So we’re not getting the vitamins that the horse might need or the minerals. Now, I love human minerals because they’re human quality and they have better standards and that kind of thing.

Renee (02:43)
So I like standard process vitamins and minerals. And I literally for my clients get for they ordered it for themselves. The human standard process vitamins. That’s the brand name, standard process. I do not know if they ship worldwide.

Renee (03:02)
They’re a pretty big name in holistic vitamins. Probably one of the top, for sure. So they might anyways, I’m going to put a link here to my vitamin page, which is on the website, which explains this, and if you’d like to order them, we can get you signed up for that. Yes, I do get some small commission. Like if you spend a lot of money, I’ll get a quarter.

Renee (03:23)
So thanks. Just kidding. But the reason I like them is because when you get a vitamin from a standard process, you just get the vitamin in the horse world somehow. We have been conned, ladies and gentlemen, conned into thinking that we need a bucket full of food because the horses are big. But let’s see, if you look at some of the top expensive vitamins supplements, you know what the number one and number two ingredients are.

Renee (03:55)
Well, number one is flaxseed and flax oil. Okay, flax sounds lovely. It sounds great. And I know many of us have been possibly on flax oil supplements ourselves. Turns out when I went to my naturopath, I found out flax oil is pseudoestrogenic, which means that the body reads it as an estrogen.

Renee (04:21)
So if you potentially have either too of much marish in your mare, like, they’re mary very squealy and have all the excess mare hormones, that could be it. And if you have a gelding who is just somehow too lazy, just too just bored all the time what talking to me? Those kind of guys, maybe they’re getting too much of the pseudoestrogen in the flax, but that’s the top ingredient in your supposed supplement. This is in many of them. I’m sure it’s not in every single one of them, but these are the ones that I look through that are top name brands.

Renee (05:04)
The other top ingredient is Whey protein. That sounds nice. I know we like Whey protein because it’s protein, and then you put in a lot of protein shakes for people who work out. See, the thing is, whey is a byproduct of cheese production, which, of course, cheese comes from milk. So why are we giving this to horses?

Renee (05:29)
They don’t need milk. They don’t. So the point is, those are all fillers. I promise you these really expensive, big buckets full of vitamins, supposedly, and supplements, and it all is so well marketed. But 80% of that stuff is filler.

Renee (05:49)
It’s just filler. And they get the cheapest stuff that they can to fill up your bucket, which is Whey protein and flaxseed. Okay? So if you try to think about 80% of that bucket being gone, and then what’s left is supposed to be split up into, what, 30 days supply? Maybe 60 days.

Renee (06:12)
You’d have to, of course, check your label if you do that. It’s actually a very small amount. Very small. And so what I do instead of that very small amount, louise, let’s just get human grade vitamins. They’re just little.

Renee (06:28)
They’re little, like aspirin tablets and size aspirin size tablets. They’re not aspirin, obviously, but about that size. And you do three per day. All my suggestions for how much vitamins and minerals are on that vitamin page. But the horse will just lick them right off your hand.

Renee (06:46)
It’s so cute. They think it’s a little treat, so that’s much easier. And then you don’t have to buy these huge buckets. And now the shipping is continuously getting more and more expensive. So it might be worth you taking a look at that.

Renee (07:01)
All right, so ideally, again, we don’t need vitamins and minerals or oils and blah, blah, blah. Occasionally you might, if you want to. I recommend standard process.

Renee (07:19)
And that’s it. That’s it. I’m just going to keep this short and sweet. Vaccines, dewormers, absolute minimum. Supplements, also absolute minimum.

Renee (07:28)
We just need hay. A whole lot of different flavors, if you will, of mixed grass hay. Okay, talk to you later. Thanks for listening. Bye.

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  1. Hi Dr. Tucker,
    Very interesting? Would you mind discussing salt and salt blocks? And perhaps why some horses consume a lot of salt.
    Thanks, Marsha Novicki

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