Podcast Episode 30: Can we get to total joy with our horses?

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Are you struggling to be with your horse?

Sometimes we don’t even want to see our horse because we don’t want to know….

    Is he happy?
    Is she well fed?
    Are the foot angles ok?
    Does my saddle fit?
    Does she enjoy riding with me?
    Is he in pain?

But you can know. You can discover the 5 horse health happinesses, and stop worrying.

This is the first podcast in a 5 part series. Please start here on Horse Mysteries Solved.

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Dr. Renee Tucker introduces the concept of the “five horse health happinesses,” which are crucial for maintaining a happy and healthy horse. These include body alignment, teeth, feet, nutrition, and accessories (such as dewormers, vaccinations, tack, and supplements). Tucker emphasizes the importance of understanding each aspect and being proactive in addressing them to ensure the well-being of the horse. She suggests using energy-based techniques to communicate with the horse and determine their needs and preferences. Additionally, Tucker discusses the significance of emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being in addition to physical health. She encourages horse owners to take an active role in managing their horse’s health and to seek out knowledgeable professionals when needed.

Renee (00:01)
Hello, friends. Dr. Renee Tucker here. Hey, don’t you want joy with your you want to come out and see your horse and just have peace and fun with whatever kind of horse riding and horse adventure you want to do? Today I’d like to talk about what I call the five horse health happinesses, because if you get these five happinesses correct, then you don’t have to worry about anything.

Renee (00:33)
Now, why are we talking about this? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s because I keep running into people at barns and stables, and they’re just worried, like, all the time. Like, okay, sometimes my horse has diarrhea, and then now there’s a little loose stool, but maybe I should get different food. And I’m not sure because she might be gaining some weight, or maybe the saddle is different and I’m not sure about my shoe, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Renee (01:01)
Every day. Every day. It’s very nerve wracking and worrisome, and where’s the joy? There is. That what we want.

Renee (01:13)
And plus, may I just add that the horse kind of feels that worried and concerned energy, we want to bring that to our horse, right? We want to be happy and peaceful, and they’re glad to see us, right, because we have happy energy. Anyways, I got these five horse health happinesses, and here’s what they are. One is body alignment, then teeth and feet and nutrition and the accessories. What are accessories?

Renee (01:46)
The other things. Dewormers, vaccinations, TAC, supplements, just to name a few. Now, I know you might think this is just, like, way too much, because I just mentioned pretty much everything, but well, yeah, we do have to know everything. All right? But listen, it’s way easier than people think, all right?

Renee (02:09)
If I even say the word nutrition, some people just flip over backwards trying to get out of the room. And that’s because there are so many nutritional classes that are just overwhelming with their cacals and their breakdown of all the little nutrients that are in every stem of the plant, okay? You don’t need that. That’s okay. No offense to anybody who’s taking nutrition classes.

Renee (02:33)
I’m not saying they’re wrong. I’m just saying you don’t necessarily need to know all this advanced details, right? You just need to know what to do. And the key is that the horses tell us what to do in nature and how they behave. And more on that later.

Renee (02:51)
Okay? So today I wanted to just keep talking a little bit about how it would be really nice if we could just get our professionals in each of these five happiness areas and let them do it right. Just hire your body worker and your dentist and your failure or trimmer and all that stuff, and just do whatever they say, okay? And I think that used to be doable, and in my opinion, it is no longer doable. There’s just too much misinformation out there, and there’s too many people who just do what they always do, even though it’s not working for that particular horse.

Renee (03:41)
More on that later. But unfortunately, I really feel that we got to get more educated and not see education is a scary word, isn’t it? It’s like, no, not more learning. I just want to sit on the couch. Right?

Renee (03:55)
I totally feel you. Okay, I’m going to so simplify this. You’re going to love it. Okay. The key is that you are the employer and you’re hiring your team of people, but you got to know what they’re supposed to do, right?

Renee (04:12)
It’s like, say you owned a car company. Another random one, right? You owned a car company. You’re going to hire your assembly line workers. Well, how do you know if they’re doing it right?

Renee (04:25)
Is it because you wait till the cars break down and then figure that out? No, you need to know something about the assembly line, and so you can say, oh, no, you’re not doing what you should be doing. Let me get a different worker. Okay, same with you’re hiring the painter for the car, and they’re like, spraying crap all over the place. Well, no, you need to know how paint should be put on, how paint should be chosen, the process.

Renee (04:54)
You, as the horse owner, need to know some of this. You don’t have to do it, and you don’t have to know it all in minutiae. But you’ve got to get some kind of idea of what this should look like, because leaving it to the professionals is no longer working. You now need to be the employer or the owner of the company. Right?

Renee (05:17)
You are the owner of the horse, and the team you decide on has got to be good for your horse. And so you have to know just this little bit in order to hire people. You can’t just pick random people out of the phone book anymore. Sorry about our luck. Right.

Renee (05:33)
Don’t we all just wish we could do that? But it’s no luck anymore. Got to figure out what’s going on. Okay, so we have our five horse health, happinesses, and to repeat that’s, body alignment, teeth, feet, nutrition, and accessories. So what I want to talk about a little bit today is that the body alignment, and then we’ll talk about the rest of those in individual podcasts.

Renee (06:02)
Now, by body alignment, I mean, that is separately from body work. Most often we’re hiring body workers, and those are all good. That can be varied. Certainly we have Equine massage and myofascial acupuncture acupressure red light, therapies I can go on and on about body work, and they’re all good. Okay?

Renee (06:26)
But it’d be great if you know what you’re going for or at least what questions you should be asking. For example, if you’re doing chiropractic, have a chiropractic work on your horse, great. But does it work all right? Is it solving problems for you and your horse? And if so is it lasting?

Renee (06:51)
Because sometimes chiropractic works great and sometimes it doesn’t. And as you’ve probably heard me say before, that’s because we need to know what the primary cause is. But maybe you don’t know what the primary cause is and that’s okay. But still, is it working or is it not? And for how long?

Renee (07:10)
Same with every one of these. Same with massage. Massage is lovely. I love massage. If the horse feels great, it’s fine to do it, but is it solving the problems?

Renee (07:22)
Do the tight knots and the ropey muscles come back the very next day after your massage person has totally loosened them? Then that’s not really worth it if it doesn’t stay that way. Again, I’m not against any of these things. Body work in all those forms is all very good, but we need body alignment so that any body work you do choose to do will be effective and it will hold much longer term. So for body alignment to happen, you actually need it aligned in everything that we’re made of, right?

Renee (08:03)
Because we’re body, soul and spirit. So when I say body alignment, I’m talking the whole shebang with TBT. That’s what I teach. We do physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and other. Now, there are different modalities that touch on one of those, some touch on more than one of those.

Renee (08:25)
We do all of them through our master practitioner program. So what you really as an owner would strive to do is know what does your horse want? Which coincidentally is the name of my prerequisite course. Okay? It’s an energetical course and all it teaches you is how to use energy to get yes and no answers.

Renee (08:53)
This is not mind reading, it is not animal communication. It’s simply the fact that we’re all made of energy. We have an energy field and the horse also has an energy field. And when you are next to your horse, you can ask questions and feel and test yes or no energy answers just because we’re just like batteries. There’s a positive end and a negative end.

Renee (09:21)
And when they’re connected, energy is either flowing or it’s going. It’s not flowing. Okay? And this is something you can learn as long as your mind is open to the fact that it’s not crazy. I promise you.

Renee (09:35)
Even though I know guys, I know when energy work sounds crazy, which is kind of all the time if you’re not used to it, but it really works, and it works very powerfully. And so we have this one prerequisite course. It’s online only go at your own speed. It stands alone by itself. Then what do you got?

Renee (09:59)
Once you practice, okay, you practice this so you can get yes or no answers. Then you literally can ask your horse. Hey, hi, my dearest horse. Would it be best for you to have a horse massage person come out and they might say yes or no? I like to use the terms be best, but you could also ask, is it helpful to have an equine massage person come out?

Renee (10:30)
That’s probably going to be a yes every day, you know what I’m saying? Because when isn’t it? Although some horses, I will tell you, do not like massage. Their muscles are just too tight. But most of the time, it’s going to be a yes.

Renee (10:41)
You can ask questions of your horse, too, like, is your nutrition acceptable and adequate for you? Right? Wouldn’t you like to be able to just ask that? And then you can be like, okay, I got a yes, and I learned from this course how I am sure that that is a yes, okay? And then you can be relieved and stop worrying people.

Renee (11:08)
There’s just so much worry and stress in barns nowadays because there’s so many issues, and I hate to keep using my old age, but I remember when that wasn’t a thing. When as a veterinarian, you’d go in a barn of 30 horses, and one of them would have a problem, one, you’d be like, okay, well, this one I can fix this one. Now you go into the barn and you get the tour of what the problems are. You just walk down the aisle way, and they tell you, well, this one has a suspension, and this one has navicular, and this one has lemonitis, and this one has diarrhea. It’s the whole barn now, okay?

Renee (11:46)
It’s horrible. And I really empathize with anybody who is stressing and wants to get answers for your horse. So in this way, if we can learn that there are five horse health, happinesses, and take care of them one at a time, you can even ask your horse, hey, which one of these is a priority for you? Which one should I focus on first? Is it body alignment, yes or no?

Renee (12:13)
Is it teeth? Yes or no? Feet? Nutrition, accessories? Yes or no?

Renee (12:19)
You can find these answers. I do know it sounds crazy, but it’s really not because we’re all energy. And if you study at all about quantum physics, they talk about quantum entanglement and all this kind of weirdo sciency stuff and really prove my point, that you can learn this and find the answers. So that’s kind of my introduction thing to the five horse health, happinesses, and you want to have body alignment, which includes all the physical parts, all right? Not just the skeleton being aligned, which is certainly awesome, but also all the organs they need to be in their right spot, all the tendons, ligaments, nerves, all those things, all the things in the physical, then the emotional pieces.

Renee (13:09)
Did you know emotional energy can stay stuck in your body? It sounds weird, but think of, like, if you ever had a fender bender, and it’s such an adrenaline spike, and it’s such an emotional, oh, my gosh, am I going to die? All that huge emotional energy gets stored somewhere in your body. You know why? Because you can’t deal with it at the time.

Renee (13:35)
No, you got to move your car over if it’s movable, and then get your insurance out and then decide whether you’re calling the police and all this logical. Got to get the stuff done. That the traumatic energy gets stored in your body. Now, if you’re familiar with anybody who’s gone to human massage school, they are taught this. They are taught this because when you’re giving a human a massage, sometimes they’ll just start crying, and they may or may not know why.

Renee (14:08)
And it’s just emotional energy stored in the tissue that’s moving out. It’s weird. I know. It’s so weird. All right?

Renee (14:19)
But emotion is a big deal. And if you have emotional energy trapped in your body or your horse’s body, it does affect the physical in the same manner. So does the mental pieces and the spiritual pieces and other energies affect the horse. So we want all those to be perfect. Now, if you’re on my email list, you’ll get constant emails, well, not constantly, but a couple of times a week about different aspects of the physical stuff.

Renee (14:51)
All right? So here I just want to give a broad overview of these five horse health, happinesses, and encourage you that you can learn it enough to be the CEO of your horse and hire the right people. That’s really what we need to do. All right, I think that’s all for today. Please do always send an email or put a comment if you have any questions, and I’ll be happy to address those.

Renee (15:20)
Thanks for listening. Talk to you later. Bye.

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4 Comments on “Podcast Episode 30: Can we get to total joy with our horses?”

  1. I use a few checks off your book ‘Where does my hose hurt’ when I do a saddlefitting. I am a saddlefitter in the Netherlands.
    Last week I saw a horse with, I think, a broken hiplump, tuber coxae. On the left side it felt normal and on the right side it felt ‘ flat’. I felt the hiplump a few centimeters lower, in the muscle., I felt a hard piece there.
    The horse was not lame.

    But, the response on the check off the SI was the same, a good reaction, left and right. Is this possible? Or did I do something wrong?
    The muscles on left and right side are a little uneven, to me that makes sense!
    In the dutch book it is Body Check 23.
    This hors is a 4 year old gelding.

    Thank for your reaction.

    1. Hi Marjolijn,

      I’m glad you’re trying the Checkups. It is possible that the horse has compensated enough to have effective SI Checkups.

      I can’t tell you for sure without seeing the horse, of course. But it is possible.

      Renee Tucker, DVM

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