Podcast Episode 26: TBT vs. Masterson Method

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Today’s Horse Mysteries Solved Ep. 26 podcast is a fun comparison between TBT (Tucker BioKinetic Technique) and the Masterson Method.

This is not a competition! lol

Both techniques are good. And it’s not a matter of one OR the other.

Sometimes people get stuck on “this OR that”. When in fact life is more fun and less stressful when you lean towards AND.

Such as, “I like chocolate AND strawberry ice cream.”

And, “Cats AND dogs make very good pets.” No need to pick a favorite, right? It’s perfectly fine to have both.

Listen now for the deets.


Summary by AI:
Dr. Renee Tucker discusses the differences between two equine bodywork methods: Masterson and TBT (Thermographic Biofeedback Therapy). She acknowledges her respect for Masterson’s method and her basic understanding of it, though she admits her deeper bias towards TBT, which she created. Masterson focuses on relieving tension in muscles and key body junctions to improve horse performance and build trust. In contrast, TBT operates at the quantum energy level, aiming to find the primary cause of tension in the horse’s energy field. TBT involves asking yes or no questions to the horse’s energy field to identify and address the root issue, potentially preventing recurring tension. Dr. Tucker illustrates how both methods can complement each other, with TBT addressing primary causes and Masterson relieving tension spots. She emphasizes TBT’s depth and focus on identifying underlying issues as its distinguishing factor.

Renee (00:00)
You. Hello, my friends. Dr. Renee Tucker here. Today, I’d like to talk about the difference.

Renee (00:13)
Now, I get asked this question a lot. What’s the difference between TBT and masterson? So I’m going to try to address that today the best I can. But I got two caveats, if you will. First of all, I like Jim Masterson.

Renee (00:27)
I met him, I’ve talked to him on the phone. He’s a really nice guy. It and I really respect his method. It can get some great results. It totally bonds people well with their horse and builds trust.

Renee (00:41)
I like it. Okay. And my other caveat is I am not any at all certified in Masterson. I watch some videos. Like I said, I talked to Jim.

Renee (00:52)
I have his book and video. So I have a basic understanding of what it is, but not really that deep understanding like I do for TBT, which I created. So obviously I’m a little biased towards TBT. All right? So keep that in mind.

Renee (01:09)
This is nothing against Masterson at all, okay? I just want to try to explain the difference. So first of all, here’s, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the Masterson method, right, from Jim’s website, it says, the Masterson method is a unique, interactive method of equine body work that anyone can learn to help build trust with the horse. Years of stress and stiffness can often be resolved in a few sessions by relieving built up tension in core muscles and key junctions of the body that affect the horse’s performance. So that’s awesome.

Renee (01:46)
That is what it does. That’s what I’ve seen people do. We’re basically, like he says, relieving tension. That feels wonderful. Okay, now for the TBT part.

Renee (01:59)
As you guys probably are familiar with me, if you’ve listened to any of my podcasts, I am all about the why, okay? Why does the horse have tension in those core muscles and keep horse junction? That’s my thing. Why is it there in the first place? Totally fine to do any alternative medicine, including mattresson.

Renee (02:24)
They’re wonderful, they’re helpful. But why is the problem there in the first place, right? So TBT is a form of energy work. The energy work is a pretty big umbrella now and kind of getting bigger. You got TBT.

Renee (02:40)
I actually think Masterson should be included in energy work. There’s reiki Acupuncture works with energy as well, the Qi energy, and there’s several others that are energy work. The difference with TBT is that we’re doing quantum energy work. Now, quantum is getting a bit overused, all right? In fact, I recently saw an advertisement for a quantum vacuum cleaner.

Renee (03:09)
I thought, oh, jeez, that is just over the top, right? It’s getting to be a little catchphrazy. Like natural used to mean something, and now natural means nothing. All right? But what quantum actually is everything is made of atoms, right?

Renee (03:27)
Where you have protons, electrons and neutrons. So that’s your atomic level. But then subatomic level, which has the electrons are broken down into different little particles such as quarks and I think gluons and leptons and all these silly names for these subatomic particles. That subatomic particle level is the quantum level. Yes, it is the same as that which was on Antman, the movie, which was a fun but silly movie that was just an example of quantum being overused.

Renee (04:09)
Now, physicists have done tons of experiments on the quantum level. There’s lots out there that I don’t want to get into because it hurts my head to try to understand it, let alone explain it. But the point is, TBT works at that level. Okay? How can that be possible?

Renee (04:27)
I know, right? Energy is so wild and fun. Okay? So with Masterson, they’re relieving tension that’s in the muscles. And TBT then tries to find out why the tension is there in the first place.

Renee (04:47)
And for me, I call that finding the primary problem. So with TBT, we’re going to ask questions of the horse’s energy field. Where is your primary problem? And we get led to certain areas using a lot of positive and negative questioning answers with the horse’s energy field. Because as you probably know, we’re all electrical, right?

Renee (05:12)
We know we’re electrical energy because we’ll look at static electricity in our head, right? Look at you sometimes can scuff yourself with socks on across a carpet and then touch something metallic and get a shock. We are definitely energy beings. So we can connect our energy, our energy field, which goes out 2ft to the horse’s energy field, which goes out 10ft, and kind of connect that together and see what kind of positive or negative questions we can get answered. That’s super fun.

Renee (05:52)
And that is part of my what does my horse want? Course. That little course is all about this asking yes or no questions. You ask a question in a certain manner and there’s a whole bunch of little details, and then you can get a yes or no answer. And it’s really quite interesting.

Renee (06:13)
Now, it’s not animal communication. That’s not it. It’s just energy. And is it positive or negative? Just like a battery positive or negative?

Renee (06:23)
All right. TBT is really pretty complicated. And I’m sorry if I’ve gone off a tangent rambling about it, which I did. Okay, you know it. But we use quantum energy to find primary problems.

Renee (06:36)
So then once we find that primary problem, we fix that in a very specific manner that we learn throughout the whole TBT university. So, for example, let’s say there’s a very, very ouchy tension spot right over the middle of the gluteal muscle. That’s a pretty common spot, right. The middle of the butt right side or left side? Right?

Renee (07:01)
That center. It’s often ouchy, particularly with your athletic hardworking horses. So with Masterson, you can totally relieve that ouchy tension. The horse will love it. It will feel great.

Renee (07:16)
A lot of times, I don’t know how many depends on what’s going on. That tension spot will slowly come back over time. You can relieve it again and it’s wonderful. There’s nothing wrong with it again. My thing is, why is that tension spot there in the first place?

Renee (07:33)
It could be that the whole pelvis is misaligned so that that particular muscle grouping is being overused. And then you get this really sore and extremely can be quite painful tension area. So I personally would rather get to the bottom of it literally and then realign the whole pelvis so that the tension spot doesn’t return. And also TBT and Masterson can go hand in hand really nicely. You can fix all the primary causes with TBT and then relieve all the tension spots with Masterson.

Renee (08:10)
Okay. Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing. I feel like TBT and Masterson both use energy and that TBT works at the quantum level, so it’s a deeper level. And then TBT gets to the primary cause if and at all possible. That’s what we try to do.

Renee (08:30)
So please let me know if you have any questions about that and I will talk to you guys later.

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