Episode 19: Horse stuck in stall for 18 months

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Have you ever had to rehab a horse using “stall rest?” Horses aren’t generally keen on being stuck in a stall all day. Think if it was months of stall rest….18 months! That is the longest I have ever heard of, and I absolutely disagree with it. The owner involved was doing her best. The vet involved was doing his … Read More

Episode 18: Alligator Wrestling

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During my career as an equine veterinarian & bodyworker, I have heard a few fascinating stories. This was a good one. It was the first time I heard a horse described as an alligator. Listen to the podcast (link below) for the full details. Short version is the horse could not go straight. Trying to make him go straight turned … Read More

Are adhesions good or bad?

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Last week I shared photos of a weepy eye horse (see article here) I appreciate the questions that came in, and thought I’d explain more about adhesions. Adhesions in the body are groups of cells used for “sticky-gluey” tasks. Just like adhesive tape. What do adhesions do? Adhesion formation typically happens with inflammation. The body uses the adhesions to keep … Read More

Are we getting “weepy eyes” wrong?

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Are the flies really to blame? Is it allergies? Horses can get “weepy” eyes, most often when flies are around. Some just “weep” tears, but others have white or yellow discharge with the tears. Typically this issue is blamed on flies or other bugs. It is said the flies irritate the eye, which then weeps and sometimes becomes infected. Since … Read More

Episode 16: Two quick tips for lameness

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  We have a fairly short podcast for you on Horse Mysteries Solved. It is “Two quick tips for lameness”. One is a suggestion for knowing when to call the vet vs. when to call the bodyworker (super easy). The other is how to tell which leg is lame or off or just funky. I hope you’ll find it useful, … Read More

Episode 15: Is coughing a problem?

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    Let’s say a horse is coughing. Is that a problem? My argument is: No, coughing is not a problem. Rather, coughing is a sign or symptom of a problem. But not a problem itself. You may find that obvious. However, many of us have inadvertently picked up on fixing symptoms, rather than the underlying cause. Examples: Have a … Read More

Episode 14: Scar tissue — what can be done about it?

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    Have you had frustrations with a horse with scar tissue? Common scenarios: Short-strided hind end issues after gelding Tendon or ligament adhesions (stuck together) after injury Difficult breathing or coughing after bout with ‘flu or pneumonia Stiff or difficulty bending with chronic diarrhea These are just a few examples to give you the idea that scar tissue can … Read More

Podcast Episode 13: When is it too late?

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When is it too late?   When should you just give up trying to heal a specific problem?   Ever?   I vote no!  :)   The body is always trying to heal itself.   AND, it’s always making new cells.   Even new cells of bone and cartilage and liver and even brain!   This is called “cellular turnover.” … Read More