Podcast Episode 23: Get your horse to focus

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Do you ever have trouble getting your horse to focus? Not just random loss of attention. But where trainers might say, “This horse is a slow learner. She just has trouble focusing.” On today’s Horse Mysteries Solved Podcast, we talk about 5 possibilities for what might be causing that lack of focus. Here’s to always finding the “why”, Renee Tucker, … Read More

Podcast Episode 22: Rider feels crooked

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Have you ever felt crooked or cockeyed while riding your horse? Or where you just can’t seem to sit straight and balanced? We all check to see if our stirrups are even and our saddle centered. But sometimes that doesn’t help. I have three suggestions that might help with this on Horse Mysteries Solved podcast today. These are: The saddle … Read More

Hunchy dog back improvement

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Sometimes I can talk all day, but a picture alone says it all. One of our brand new TBT students fixed her dog. This is during the first day of the skeletal alignment seminar (Module II of TBT University). This sweet old rescue dog is approximately 13 years old. She could barely support weight on her hind end, and didn’t … Read More

Podcast Episode 21: Ear Shy

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Have you ever known a horse who was “ear shy?” If you have, you probably also heard the explanation, “That horse must have been ear’rd as a foal. Now he hates having his ears touched.” And also, “He’s always been that way.” In my experience, 95% of horses who are ear shy, actually have their atlas (poll) out of alignment. … Read More

Podcast Episode 20: What do “support boots” support?

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Want to join me in my rant about “support boots?” lol Cuz what do they “support” anyway? Cheers! Renee Tucker, DVM Links mentioned: https://www.tuckerbiokinetic.com/ Transcript: Renee (00:01) Hello, my friends. Dr. Renee Tucker here. Today you get to hear my little rant about support boots. Okay? Renee (00:10) Let me be frank. Support boots for horses do not support anything. … Read More

Podcast Episode 11: Joint Supplements – if, when, and how

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Have you ever wondered if you should give your horse joint supplements? And, if you already are using them, are you sure they’re working? In this podcast episode, I address the three questions of: *IF you should give joint supplements *WHEN to use joint supplements *HOW to tell if they’re working for your horse     Links: https://www.standardprocess.com/Patient-Direct/patient-registration     … Read More