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Podcast Episode 31: Horse Health Happiness #2: Nutrition (simplified!)

Ready for the nutrition podcast? Nutrition is second in our Horse Health Happiness list. I’ve made this short, sweet, and simplified. (I will talk more about vitamins & supplements in a later podcast) Take a listen here to this weeks podcast. Don’t forget to comment or ask questions. 🙂 Best, Renee Tucker, DVM Links Mentioned: Top 5 Nutrition Mistakes Jaime ... Read More

Podcast Episode 30: Can we get to total joy with our horses?

Are you struggling to be with your horse? Sometimes we don’t even want to see our horse because we don’t want to know…. Is he happy? Is she well fed? Are the foot angles ok? Does my saddle fit? Does she enjoy riding with me? Is he in pain? But you can know. You can discover the 5 horse health ... Read More

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Want to Align and Heal Horses? You Can!