Episode 14: Scar tissue — what can be done about it?

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    Have you had frustrations with a horse with scar tissue? Common scenarios: Short-strided hind end issues after gelding Tendon or ligament adhesions (stuck together) after injury Difficult breathing or coughing after bout with ‘flu or pneumonia Stiff or difficulty bending with chronic diarrhea These are just a few examples to give you the idea that scar tissue can … Read More

Podcast Episode 13: When is it too late?

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When is it too late?   When should you just give up trying to heal a specific problem?   Ever?   I vote no!  :)   The body is always trying to heal itself.   AND, it’s always making new cells.   Even new cells of bone and cartilage and liver and even brain!   This is called “cellular turnover.” … Read More

Podcast Episode #6: Equine Navicular Solved

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In this episode of “Horse Mysteries Solved…” Equine Navicular Solved I might have been a little salty on this podcast…you’ll have to let me know. ;) I talk about the two primary causes of navicular, which are: Shoeing Nutrition What I’m salty about is that vets should know this. True, we did not learn this in vet school. But the … Read More

Podcast Episode #5: Best saddle fit secret

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In this episode of “Horse Mysteries Solved…” Best saddle fit secret I hate to say this out loud. But any time a client tells me they have a custom saddle for their horse, I cringe on the inside. Why? Because they rarely fit. It’s sad, frustrating, and I hate to tell people bad news. Especially when they’ve spent thousands of … Read More

Podcast Episode #4: Acupuncture vs Energywork

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In this episode of “Horse Mysteries Solved”… Acupuncture vs Energywork We had an interesting question come in… Fred wanted to know if energy bodywork is the same as acupuncture without needles. A good question! There’s so many therapy modalities available, it can be tough to figure out how each one works… and which one might be best for your horse. … Read More

Podcast Episode #3: When massage will NOT help

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In this episode of “Horse Mysteries Solved”… When massage will NOT help Do you have your horse massaged? I’m sure he or she loves it. :) But do you ever wonder if it is helping in the long-term? Or is massage just for short-term muscle relief? Find out: * when massage is best used * when it won’t help * … Read More

Podcast Episode 2: Do you know these 5 bending tricks?

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In the second episode of Horse Mysteries Solved… Sometimes horses can’t bend well. Or they bend well to one side, but not the other. And we work, work, work to get that bend correctly. This shouldn’t be this way. Horses should be nice and supple and bend easily and effortlessly. What if they don’t? I talk about these 5 tricks … Read More