Let’s finish up our diarrhea discussion, which I know has been super enjoyable so far. lol 🙂

Last post we talked about the three general types of horse diarrhea, in picturesque language:

1) Garden hose
2) Cow poop
3) Drippy drip

We talked about #1 and #2 last post, which you can read here: Diarrhea – Part 1

For today, we are talking about the “Drippy drip” type of chronic diarrhea.

This is where the horse’s poop looks fairly normal. But unfortunately there’s this “drippy drip” of poop water that oozes down the horse’s hind end.

Sometimes the drippy drip happens right after a normal poop. But sometimes the drippy drip oozes out at any time.

This can create discomfort from poop scald on the rear end, and even down the legs. Horse owners with these issues report having to clean the hind end twice per day.

Why is there drippy-drip?

Most commonly, there’s an issue with the liver.

“What?” you may say. “That doesn’t make sense.”

Well, hear me out. The liver helps with digestion, right? (It does.)

But it also helps create the smooth layer that helps the poop move along the intestine.

“What smooth layer?” you may ask.

Let’s think about it. Why doesn’t the poop stick to the intestine itself? Sure, there’s peristalsis which is the intestinal muscles moving the poop along….but why doesn’t poop stick to the gut wall?

Because there’s this thin, smooth layer in between the poop and the intestinal wall in the latter part of the large intestine and rectum. I think of it as “vaseline” (a petroleum based lubricant).

This “poop vaseline” enables the poop to slide along the intestine and get pooped out. You might notice a portion of it when horse poops looks shiny. That shine is the “poop vaseline”.

What if there is a lack of “poop vaseline”? Now the poop starts to stick to the intestinal wall.

That’s not good.

So the body does what? Adds more water.

This extra drippy-drip water is what helps the poop to move out, when there is a lack of “poop vaseline.”

What can you do?

Now that you know this, you can see that you do NOT want to stop the drippy-drip.

Instead, you want to fix the liver so it can make the “poop-vaseline.”

An herbal liver detox can help with this, especially one made with milk thistle. (Any brand, try first for 30 days)

But what would be best is to have a TBT (Tucker BioKinetic Technique) practitioner check the horse. Why?

Because the real question is “Why is the liver having trouble?”

That’s the real primary problem. And it varies greatly and depends on the individual.

This is why I developed TBT in the first place…to find the answers to mysteries. Luckily, God helped me out a ton. So we can fix just about anything.

Yay God!
Renee Tucker, DVM

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