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Podcast Episode 20: What do “support boots” support?

Want to join me in my rant about “support boots?” lol Cuz what do they “support” anyway? Cheers! Renee Tucker, DVM Links mentioned: Transcript: Renee (00:01) Hello, my friends. Dr. Renee Tucker here. Today you get to hear my little rant about support boots. Okay? Renee (00:10) Let me be frank. Support boots for horses do not support anything. ... Read More

Episode 19: Horse stuck in stall for 18 months

Have you ever had to rehab a horse using “stall rest?” Horses aren’t generally keen on being stuck in a stall all day. Think if it was months of stall rest….18 months! That is the longest I have ever heard of, and I absolutely disagree with it. The owner involved was doing her best. The vet involved was doing his ... Read More

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