I can’t find my horse’s problem listed on the horse problem list. What should I do?

Dr. Tucker would love to help you with your horse’s problem. If you can’t find your problem listed on the website,  you can email support@wheredoesmyhorsehurt.com.  As an additional resource, please check the Comprehensive Complaint List. This lists shows you every horse training issue, behavior symptom or subtle lameness that is covered in Where Does My Horse Hurt? If your problem is on the list, please consider purchasing the book for help.

I have a weird horse problem that so far no one has helped me with. Can Dr. Tucker come to my barn to evaluate and maybe adjust my horse?

Dr. Tucker’s practice range is from Vancouver, Washington to San Diego, California.  Only select cities along this route are covered.  Please check email support@wheredoesmyhorsehurt.com for appointment information.

How often should horses be adjusted?

Horses should be adjusted one to two times for the given problem. If two adjustments do not solve your problem, then the underlying issue is most likely not primarily chiropractic.

If your horse has no issues, but you want  your horse at optimum performance levels,  have your horse evaluated, and adjusted if needed, by your certified equine chiropractor as often as you want. Every 30 days is common for upper level performance horses.

Dr. Tucker recommends horses be evaluated every six months, at a minimum. (And right away if they’ve had a crash, or flip-over-backwards.)

Can you recommend a chiropractor in my area?

Here are a few recommendations for finding a certified equine chiropractor.

  1. Check the American Veterinary Chiropractic association. This organization certifies human chiropractors and veterinarians for animal chiropractic. They have a list of current members. This list does not include every person who has attended their classes. You can call them to see if a person has been through their certification classes.
  2. There is a chapter in Where Does My Horse Hurt? that extensively details how to find and evaluate equine chiropractors. It talks about the good, the bad, and the ugly and how to figure out which one you’re dealing with.

I’m interested in learning Body Checkups, but my horse is just fine. Is there any point in learning Body Checkups when my horse doesn’t have a problem?

Yes! In fact, checking your horse when he or she is “normal” is great. That way, you’ll learn how your horse feels regularly and then—if and when there is a problem—you’ll be able to tell with absolute certainty. And of course, you can always help your friends horses. Just have them buy you dinner when you solve their problems.

I’d like to learn the Body Checkups, but frankly, I’m not much of a reader. Is there another way to learn the Body Checkups?

Yes, the Body Checkups online course is coming soon!

I don’t see my question here

If you have a question you can’t find the answer for, please email support@wheredoesmyhorsehurt.com. Thanks!
Want to align and heal horses?

Want to Align and Heal Horses? You Can!