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Podcast Episode 41: Lamenesses that hide — kissing spine

I’m super excited about this kissing spine podcast. Why? Because I just had someone verify my theory! Weird and wonderful ideas you’ll hear on this Horse Mysteries Solved podcast: There is no evidence that kissing spine itself causes pain What could be causing kissing spine? Does the body do it on purpose? Why? Every horse with kissing spine that I’ve ... Read More

Podcast Episode 40: Lamenesses that hide–coffin joints

Have you ever had a horse that just doesn’t show the same enthusiasm for work that he or she used to? Maybe a jumper who didn’t want to jump anymore? Or barrel racer who backs out of the box? There are many more examples of how horses show they’re not comfortable. On today’s Horse Mysteries Solved podcast, let’s chat about ... Read More

Want to align and heal horses?

Want to Align and Heal Horses? You Can!