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Podcast episode 49: Moody Mares and problem pregnancies.

Have you or your friends ever dealt with a moody mare? Not just a regular cycling mare, but the super over-the-top moody mares. (I’ve heard them called “psycho-b#*ches”) On today’s Horse Mysteries Solved podcast, we chat about WHY some mares are moody, and some not. There’s so many mares regularly on raspberry leaves or chasteberry or Regumate, that it becomes ... Read More

Podcast Episode 48: Case Examples

I’ve got three case examples for you in today’s Horse Mysteries Solved podcast -Surprising ulcer fix -Dangerous tripping with high-heel, low-heel syndrome -Trying to get topline for years, magically fixed overnight You can listen to the real life stories on today’s podcast. ttyl, Renee PS: We have a new course! It has everything you need to know to keep your ... Read More

Want to align and heal horses?

Want to Align and Heal Horses? You Can!