Where Does My Dog Hurt

Find the Source of Behavioral Issues or Pain: A Hands on Guide

A do-it-yourself method of determining when and where your dog hurts.

Keep your dog pain-free and feeling and performing his best! Introducing 23 simple body checkups you can do at home on your dog. This remarkably easy-to-follow book helps you:

  • Clear up behavior problems or training issues you may have struggled with for months.
  • Become familiar with your dog’s normal range of movement so you can prevent minor issues from becoming major.
  • Tune in to areas of temporary or chronic discomfort so you can offer relief as needed.
  • Solve “mystery” limps, gimps, and lamenesses.
  • Save thousands of dollars by avoiding expensive diagnostics that leave you with more questions.
  • Captain your dog’s team of veterinarian, trainer, chiropractor, and other therapists with confidence.
  • Keep your dog active and happy for more months of the year, and more years of his life.


Clear, colorful anatomical illustrations and how-to photographs demonstrate each body checkup, from nose to tail. Sensible organization allows you to move purposefully and progressively when trying to pinpoint a problem, while also ensuring that it is easy to find what you need, when you need it. With considerations for all canines, of every size and breed, and the goal of optimal health and a vibrant quality of life, this practical book is for everyone who counts a dog as a friend or family member.



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