TBT vs Quantum Computers

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“Today, most of us operate on the premise that everything we know can ultimately be broken down into components and “measured”. But joined with this lay a hidden assumption: that the only things are real, are those things which we can measure.

–Matt Treacey, Natural Orders


TBT (Tucker BioKinetic Technique) is an alignment technique using energy.

When we think of energy, we normally think of Volts, or Joules, or Kilowatts.

Or maybe just “where can I plug in my charger?” ;)

But TBT doesn’t work at this normal household level. TBT works at the quantum energy level.

Here is a quantum computer:

Weird, isn’t it? I thought a quantum computer looked like our regular hard drive computers. With motherboards, ram, graphics cards, etc. ….but just a lot more of them.

This quantum computer is completely different; almost alien.

I do not understand it, or know how to use it.

But I do understand how to use quantum energy to correct alignment issues.

And when I say “alignment”, I mean the energetic correction of a thing (bone, organ, connective tissue) to its perfect normal energy alignment. This means: it’s “fixed”.

So while TBT energywork cannot be measured, or seen….it works, and works incredibly well.

It’s hard to grasp how much bigger and better a quantum computer works. One analogy would be writing a page painstakingly by hand vs. pressing “print” on the computer.

This is not a perfect analogy, but you get the idea: massive improvement and time saved.

In this same way, TBT energywork heals at such a deep and powerful level, that TBT is like a quantum computer. That is, TBT is amazing (and weird). lol

But like the quantum computer, TBT will only be weird until everyone gets used to it, and realizes how wonderful it is.

Join us while it’s still weird and amazing: www.TuckerBioKinetic.com

Renee Tucker, DVM

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