Podcast Episode 43: Headshaking — real causes and solutions

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Why haven’t scientists solved headshaking in horses yet? They know it’s a cranial nerve problem. Yet when scientists inspect the nerves, they can’t find anything wrong. That’s because it’s a nerve transmission problem, rather than a problem with the nerve itself. Care for the full explanation? It’s on today’s Horse Mysteries Solved? podcast. — Links Mentioned: Tucker BioKinetic University TBT … Read More

Podcast Episode #3: When massage will NOT help

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In this episode of “Horse Mysteries Solved”… When massage will NOT help Do you have your horse massaged? I’m sure he or she loves it. :) But do you ever wonder if it is helping in the long-term? Or is massage just for short-term muscle relief? Find out: * when massage is best used * when it won’t help * … Read More