Kate Scarlott

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Place Category: BioKinetic Technique Graduates

  • I live in northeastern Vermont with my horses, donkeys, hens, cats & dogs. My lifelong dream has been to help animals. I’m a Reiki Master Practitioner and trained in Levels 1 & 2 Equine Acupressure with Diana Thompson in Fulton, California. I also have training in Masterson Method and use flower essences actively in my practice. I discovered the Tucker BioKinetics Technique when I reached a point in my work with a mare where it became clear that her spinal issues were beyond my particular training. The path of training in modalities to reach deeper and deeper to the roots of horses’ and other animals’ disharmony has been profoundly fulfilling. Each training has given me more and more effective tools to help animals. The Tucker BioKinetics Technique has opened the door so much wider, and it’s amazing to see how powerful and effective this gentle, safe technique is on every level from the physical to the spiritual.