Cath Anthony

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Place Category: BioKinetic Technique Graduates

  • Cath started riding at the local riding school. She has been around horses ever since & has now worked full time with them for 29 years. Initially qualifying as a riding instructor & attaining various equine qualifications she went freelance teaching, looking after people’s horses & riding those which no one else wanted to get on! She has always had an interest in horse behavior & “problem” horses wanting to help them and their owners primarily looking at it from the horse’s view point. In May 2017 she became a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner. This has started to fill the “gap” enabling her to continue helping horses. Being non-invasive and following the responses of the horse was “perfect”.Since then has achieved her Level 1 Muscoskeletal unwinding, Level 2 Advanced Applied Kinesiology with April Battles. TBT was a natural progression to combine with these other modalities.