Nancy Horne

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  • My introduction to horses can be described as a mid-life passion that began in 1999 when I fell in love with a 2 ½ year old Percheron / Qtr horse, Mikaila. I’ve since created ‘The Greater Good Ranch’ for dogs and horses on 30 acres in Salish Mountains in Kila, Montana. The main focus of daily life includes computer consulting, teaching along with abundant trail riding, hiking, equine clinics, workshops promoting wellness, communication and connection. Over the years – I’ve studied ‘everything horse’ and combined my work skills – designing and hosting websites and database projects and teaching Adobe Software online courses for a community college, with my extreme passion for working with horses and horse healing – acupressure, red light, cold laser, essential oils, BEMER therapy

    After years of horsemanship and healing, practicing and applying multiple modalities of ground work, riding, equine healing and rehab methods it was time to get serious. I earned my CEMP certification through Western Montana School of Equine Massage followed by initiation as a Reiki Master and Acupressure. After utilizing the Masterson Method book and DVD for about 10 years, the Weekend Seminar course came to town, then the 5 day Advanced, and I was hooked to go further. I worked extensively through the courses and fieldwork with Jim Masterson along with his coaches and top-notch mentors to complete the Masterson Method Certification – MMCP. Having just completed this certification, I was then creating online courses, updating the manual for the Masterson Method and revised their logo to be a vector logo.

    Renee Tucker offered her amazing body checkups course based on her book I’d purchased in 2012– one can never have too many tools when it comes to evaluations tips. I completed the invaluable checkups and further studied her book “Where does your horse hurt” and incorporated the rest of the tips and techniques. The online course resulted in Certified Diagnostic Practitioner – followed by the indescribable ‘how to make lasting changes’ course – Tucker BioKinetics Technique. Above and beyond – the TBT course transformed hands on work with horses to enhance their natural ability to transform body, mind, emotions and spirit. Multi modality sessions with horses, dogs, cats & people are further enhanced by using the BEMER, Red Light, cold laser, acupressure and essential oils. I’ve incorporated 17 years of techniques, balanced connection and modalities into valuable sessions for animals and their owners. I work and teach methods to enhance health and wellbeing while often eliminating discomfort and restriction.