Lise Lunde

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Place Category: BioKinetic Technique Graduates

  • I am located in Minnesota. I own four horses that have been my partners in a variety of equestrian activities and my ongoing journey in the area of equine bodywork. My interest in doing equine bodywork started about 10 years ago when I became certified in Equissage Equine Sports Massage. In 2012 I found Masterson Method Integrated Equine Massage and have been working as a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner since 2014. Tucker Biokinetics caught my interest after reading Dr. Tucker’s book “Where does my Horse Hurt” and enrolling in the online training. After attending the two day course in California and having experienced the combining of the evaluations with the biokinetic techniques, I am looking forward to expanding and sharing my understanding and skills when working with horses to help them release tension and restriction in their bodies.