Kathy Adams

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Place Category: Advanced Practitioners

  • I have been in love with horses since I can remember. I accidentally fell into a career with horses when I became interested in barefoot trimming several years ago. I started with just wanting to trim my own horse, but found it so fascinating and rewarding that it snowballed into a full time career.

    Years later I was looking for a secondary career to add to the trimming, something that wouldn’t be so hard on my back. I attended a Myofascial Release course with Ruth Golladay-Mitchell, a saddle fitting course with Dr Kerry Ridgeway, and then finally qualified as a Masterson Method practitioner.
    I love the Masterson ‘less is more’, approach of staying under the brace and working with the horses’ response to obtain more release.

    Then in 2017, after a full body dissection course with Dr Deb Bennett in California, I attended Dr Tucker’s clinic, which I feel has taken my bodywork to a deeper level. It is subtle, yet highly effective, the horses respond immediately. I have seen fantastic results, not just in the horses but in my dogs, and even the odd human, and I am so grateful to have found this wonderful healing modality.