Tone Joergensen

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Place Category: BioKinetic Technique Graduates

  • I am Tone Joergensen, and I live in Norway close to Oslo. I work as an equine bodyworker, certified in Tucker Biokinetics Technique and am a student at Vluggen Institute for equine osteopathy in Germany. I also am an Advanced student at Masterson Method in the UK. I work with high performance horses in all disciplines and also rehab horses. I work with Therese Holmgren, owner and manager of Pharmalight Norway, using LLLT. I use the Tucker Biokinetics Technique every day on every horse, and the responses and results from in the horse leaves no doubt that this modality is so efficient. The increase in range of movement and improved performance and wellbeing for the horse is impressive. I am currently the only Tucker Biokinetics practicioner in Norway and my hope is that more will come.