Jackie Bratley

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Place Category: BioKinetic Technique Graduates

  • Jackie Bratley of JB Equine Balance has a successful therapy business covering South East Queensland, Australia.

    Jackie takes care of both horse and human bodies, being an EMMETT Practitioner and Instructor for horses, as well as an EMMETT Therapist for humans.

    She has been around horses almost as long as she could walk. They are her passion, her hobby and now her day job………if you could call it work!

    “I love the satisfaction I get by helping horses with my bare hands, helping them through their pain and discomfort where other modalities/therapies have not been as successful.”

    TBT works beautifully with the EMMETT Technique. Whilst both modalities can work effectively on their own, they also integrate well, creating even better results.

    ‘From the smallest touch, the biggest results can be achieved.’