Hunchy dog back improvement

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Sometimes I can talk all day, but a picture alone says it all.

One of our brand new TBT students fixed her dog. This is during the first day of the skeletal alignment seminar (Module II of TBT University).

This sweet old rescue dog is approximately 13 years old. She could barely support weight on her hind end, and didn’t often walk on her own.

Note the “hunchiness” of her back, and how far forward she places her hind feet.

The student used the TBT technique (which is very gentle, quantum energy work) along the spine. And this was the result immediately after.





Note how her back has lowered with less “hunchiness.” She also started walking by herself on the floor.

TBT works amazingly well. With it, you can correct things you didn’t know were fixable. Who would have thought that the “old dog hunchiness” wasn’t permanent?

Anyone who is open to energywork can learn TBT. Interested? Start here:


I just love fixing animals! They become so happy, perky and joyful when their pain is gone.

Join me in creating joy,
Renee Tucker, DVM

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