Horse Problems Database – Rear End

  • Fused Hocks

    Do hocks ever really ‘fuse’? Do hocks ever really 'fuse'?

  • Connective Tissue Testing

    Is your horse lame, or off? You can use sand to determine if it is connective tissue. Testing Connective Tissue

  • Lameness

    Signs that your horse is lame can be obvious—such as your horse limping, dragging a leg, head bobbing, or barely able to walk. Lameness

  • Joint Issues

    Some horses need joint supplements. They may be very hard-working, have some arthritis, or are weekend warriors. Joint Issues

  • Tripping Horses

    Every horse trips occasionally. But if your horse trips numerous times on every ride, you have a tripping horse problem. Tripping Horses

  • Sacroiliac Issues

    Dr. Tucker shares how to start figuring out the real cause of your horse’s sacroiliac issues. SI Issues

  • Hind Heels Placed Up (Sacroiliac)

    Do you have a horse that always tries to place their hind heels ‘up’? Hind Heels Placed Up (Sacroiliac)

  • Stretching

    There is a lot of horse information available regarding horse stretch and suppling exercises. But do you need to do them? Stretching

  • Hind leg, always resting

    Do you think this picture of a horse’s hind legs is correct? That is, is this a normal resting position of the right hind? Hind leg, always resting

  • Swollen Puffy Hocks

    Does your horse suffer from swollen and puffy hocks? Could it possibly be the other leg? Swollen Puffy Hocks

Want to align and heal horses?

Want to Align and Heal Horses? You Can!