Horse Problems Database – Rear End

  • Lameness

    Signs that your horse is lame can be obvious—such as your horse limping, dragging a leg, head bobbing, or barely able to walk. Lameness

  • Joint Issues

    Some horses need joint supplements. They may be very hard-working, have some arthritis, or are weekend warriors. Joint Issues

  • Tripping Horses

    Every horse trips occasionally. But if your horse trips numerous times on every ride, you have a tripping horse problem. Tripping Horses

  • Sacroiliac Issues

    Dr. Tucker shares how to start figuring out the real cause of your horse’s sacroiliac issues. SI Issues

  • Stretching

    There is a lot of horse information available regarding horse stretch and suppling exercises. But do you need to do them? Stretching

  • Hind leg, always resting

    Do you think this picture of a horse’s hind legs is correct? That is, is this a normal resting position of the right hind? Hind leg, always resting

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