Horse Problems DatabaseFront End -What don’t vets tell you about suspensory injury?

That it’s bad? That it’s hard to heal? That it’s the second most common cause of injury?

Nah, they’ll tell you about that.

You won’t hear these two things from a vet:

Suspensory injuries are 99% preventable. (I’m not kidding).

A suspensory injury is just the tip of the iceberg. A whole lot more is “offline” in the leg, and the suspensory injury is just what we can see.

If you’d like to hear more, I have a video for you. It’s longer than the “never post a video longer than 10 minutes” people suggest.

But I’ve noticed that people who read my pages are intelligent, and want to really learn the truth about horses.

You’ll hear in the video:

  • Why the suspensory isn’t the true cause of injury.
  • How the front leg actually works (hint: it’s not pulling the horse along)
  • How the scary-sounding “stay apparatus” is involved
  • What you can check to make sure your horse’s suspensory ligaments are ok.

Video is here (no cost): Suspensory Video Training

You’re welcome to share this to anyone you think it might help.

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