Horse Problems Database – The Belly

  • Up to 90% of horses currently suffer with at least one or more of 55 HIDDEN Ulcer symptoms… Ulcers

  • Most of the horses I see are deficient in the this mineral. My clients are loving, caring horse owners who have their horses on the “best” feed and supplements. But… none of them have enough selenium. Why not? Selenium

  • Have you wondered what the best method is to help your horse achieve a healthy weight? Has your horse been on a ‘diet’ and still looks bloated and overweight? There could be a reason for that… Help your horse lose weight

  • If you own a horse, you know there are many different opinions there are on feeding horses. This article is not going to tell you what to feed your horse. My goal is to simplify all the nutrition information out there into something useful. Horse Nutrition

  • First, don’t you just love the smell of healthy horse poop? There is something strangely refreshing about it, don’t you think? Second, what do we do when a horse has diarrhea? Diarrhea - Part 1

  • This is where the horse’s poop looks fairly normal. But unfortunately there’s this “drippy drip” of poop water that oozes down the horse’s hind end. Diarrhea - Part 2

  • Are you giving your horse a mineral block? Are they really getting what they need? Why or why not? Ins and Outs of SALT (and excess urination)

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