The dog broke my wrist

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Ever have a problem that keeps coming back? Are you suspicious that the real underlying cause may be eluding you (or your vet)? The following is an example of just such a thing.


The dog broke my wristthe-dog-broke-my-wrist
One time I fell forward while playing tug with a Great Dane. Yep, he won. But after I fell forward onto my hands, my right wrist started hurting.  I couldn’t flex it backwards at all.

At the time I thought that I had pulled a tendon in my wrist, and I wrapped it for protection while it healed — or so I hoped. Well, a few weeks later, there was minimal improvement. Long story short, I went to a chiropractor, who adjusted one little bone in my wrist, and my wrist flexed perfectly!

The human wrist is analagous to the knee (carpus) of the horse. Many times I have checked horses with a history of suspensory ligament pulls (and the like). Almost always they have subluxations in their leg that are keeping the ligament from healing properly.

The most common subluxations that affect the suspensory ligament are:

  • shoulder
  • sesamoid bones
  • accessory carpal bone
  • coffin bone

In addition, I’ve met quite a few unfortunate horses who have been on stall confinement for six months to a year for suspensory ligament pulls.  And six months to a year later, they’re still lame.

This happens when subluxations prevent the ligament from ever “resting” — even if the horse is standing still all day.  Once they’re adjusted, then they can start the healing process.

If your horse pulls a ligament or a tendon, I highly recommend a certified chiropractor or acupuncturist to check things out for you.




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