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I love TBT!  Another incredible change after the first visit from a TBT Alignment Specialist (after Mod II).


Just look at this horse.  He’s 25 years old, and has been dealing with a twisted right front leg.  You can see in the “before” photo that even the hoof seems twisted.  There’s also tension throughout the leg, causing ligament ‘bulging’ on the right side of the cannon bone.  Not to mention the extra swelling through the knee joint.


His owner, who has owned him since birth, said he was literally born that way.   She loves him and has just worked with him as he was for 25 years.


I don’t know what happened to the poor guy to have his leg develop twisted in the womb.  But he didn’t grow out of it.  No shoeing changes ever helped.  


Since it had been like that for 25 years, Shelly was not expecting any change to the leg.  She went through the TBT Pillars as normal, followed by the remaining bony alignments, and voila!  Check out the straightness in the “after” photo.  :)


So amazing!


Shelly Martin can be reached for appointments via our TBT Practitioner page here: TBT Practitioners



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