Podcast Episode 35: Ins and Outs of SALT

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Are you using regular table salt? I hope not. Typical table salts have been heavily processed, bleached, and heated. This high heat changes the chemical structure of sodium chloride, transforming it into an indigestible toxin. Up to 80 minerals and essential trace minerals are removed. It also contains chemically engineered anti-caking agents called calcium silicate. The above information can be … Read More

The Bladder Stone Ghost

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horse bladder stone

The email started off well enough… “The first day after you adjusted him, he was perfect! Moving forward, lifting up, head stretching down easily. It was an amazing ride.” Courtney’s email read. I love to see happy stories in my inbox. But I was surprised to see the story take a down-turn. “But after a couple of days, the problems … Read More