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Regina Lynn “(Penn Valley, CA, USA)

I’ve found this book to be a great help. The photos, charts, ratings, and illustrations make it very clear where exactly to touch him and how to touch him, as well as what his response is telling me. The writing is sensible and direct, personable and friendly.
The author is both a vet and a chiropractor, and she helps you figure out whether to call the vet first or the chiropractor first for a particular condition, rather than choosing up sides in any vet vs chiro debate.
This book has also taught me a lot about horse biomechanics (did you know a horse is like a suspension bridge?) and how underlying conditions such as arthritis affect the horse’s body.
I recommend this book to any horse owner, including newbies and those whose horses are perfectly comfortable and sound. The dozens of “body checks” will help any horse lover learn to feel not only what is wrong, but what is right. And if you know how it is supposed to feel, you will figure it out much sooner when something is off.
I see that the book is available in hardcover and spiral binding. I bought the spiral bound version and I like it a lot — it’s easy to lay it flat and refer to it while in the barn.

Gail Wells-Hess (Portland, OR United States)

Finally, a book that teaches how to understand what is going on with my horses. My horses (think my equine kids) play — the Friesians in particular — and sometimes come in looking a little sore. This book taught me to put my hands on them and understand what is going on. It is peace of mind to know when I need to call the vet or chiropractor and when I don’t really need to or can at least let it work itself out for a few days without automatic panic setting in.
I train all my horses using classical techniques to keep them sound. That alone isn’t enough. This book is a must have if you want to understand where pain happens, why, and what to do about it.

Shelley Ferraro

This book is so nicely done. The pictures are amazing and the author makes the information so easy to understand. This is a book that is very helpful to someone that is just learning the horses anatomy and her writing is clear and concise and a pleasure to read. The book is in the format that you can take out to your barn and practice which is always helpful. This is a great addition to anyone’s library who has horses. I recently took an introduction equine massage class with Jim Masterson and this book is a very nice addition to the book that Jim wrote, Jim’s book is also a beautifully done book and with the two of these you can do some wonderful things to make your horse stress and pain free. I highly recommend that you buy this book as well as Jim Masterson’s book.

Janet (Tallahassee, FL USA)

I found this book well thought out and the pictures are great for demonstrating the movements exactly. I’ve performed a few of the massages on my trail horse after we spent that extra hour or two on the trail and while at first he wasn’t sure what was happening, soon the look of bliss came upon his face. The hard part was getting him to turn around so I could work on the other side as I did use a wall that he could lean up against. There are a few new books hitting the market with similar messages but I found this book to be the best of the couple that I have purchased. Clearly, it was thought out well prior to publishing. Kudos to those involved.

Heather Crawford (Rainier, OR USA)

I purchased this after my horse was getting really cinchy. The idea that there’s a book that guides you on whether you will need a vet or a chiropractor makes so much sense to me. The way this book is written is so easy to understand. From the detailed pictures on how to check different joints to drawing depicting the different joints and bones to the testimonials the author has with previous horses, this is a great book. I have already read through it once (I’ve only had it a week) and plan on reading it again while going over some of the “tests” with my horse. I really like that she offers you a list of signs/symptoms, then tells you what to check and how it should respond (movement, no movement, etc). At the end of each section, the lays it all out… If you found A, B, C you should call a vet; if you found D, E, F a chiropractor will work better. Makes it really easy to understand. Overall a great book, I would definitely recommend this to any horse owner even if you’re just beginning!

Sharon Mckay

Easy to follow and a very interesting book to read on the pain in horses open your eyes to what horses put up with


Read it and did the check up and found the problem. My horse is now tracking and her tail is no longer cocked to one side. Thank you for the ease of use and explanation. Knowing when to call the vet or chiropractor or do acupressure/bodywork is really a plus.


This book was what I was looking for to help discover problems with front shoulder lameness with my horse. It guides you to explore the problem areas and to help you find the right treatment….vet or chiropractor.

SeguroHuman (Novato, California)

While this book is not a substitute for a chiropractor, it is a very good explanation – in words and pictures – of what the chiropractor is doing. It also gives the best information I’ve come across as to which symptoms need a chiropractor and which ones need a lameness veterinary exam. The pictures and diagrams readily translate to the actual horse body. I think this book makes it possible for a horse owner who has to use a non-veterinarian chiropractor to judge whether that person really knows what they are doing. Plus the case studies make it fun to read.

Carolyn (USA)

Found this book online while doing the internet search, “my horse has a sore….” I was fascinated while reading Dr. Tucker’s website and her philosophy of helping horse owners to triage horse lameness. She does not try to teach anyone how to do chiropractic work nor encourage you to “be your own vet”, but only to decide if your horse is hurting somewhere, if it is likely serious and then who is the best professional to call. The book is spiral bound with each page laid out much the same: descriptive text, anatomical drawings (labeled, in different colors), close-up photos of where the suspect area of injury is , techniques for examination, estimation of skill level in conducting the exam and predicted outcomes for the horse’s reactions. Initially, she has triage charts for helping you to sort symptoms and to pinpoint specific pain areas. It’s an amazingly horse owner friendly book that will allow you to ask intelligent questions of your vet, farrier or chiropractor based on some preliminary examination that you have already done. Whether a trainer, an individual owner (such as myself) or someone interested in a career involving horses, I highly recommend this book.

Kerri Gaffney

Very easy to understand with great pictures showing procedures. Great for owners that want to be proactive in keeping their horses sound and pain free.

K. K. Morris “Welshcobdrivinggrams” (Houston, TX )

As a firm believer in alternative approaches to treating both horses and humans, I thought this book would be a good addition to my reference library. It is proving to be just that.


My mom and I have had Dr. Renee Tucker adjust our horse, who absolutely loves her, and she always fixes him up in one visit. Amazing horse chiropractor. We were excited when she told us she wrote a book, I purchased it for my mom for christmas so hopefully she’ll love it!

“redheadedoldwoman” (tn)

what a great book. i have been working on horses over 25 years. i love her approach, the detail, and most importantly, i can recommend to my clients this purchase, so they can know their horses bodies, and call sooner. it came well package and promptly. i recommend both the seller and this book. thanks to both.

Linda VanBebber

I raise racehorses and am always wanting to learning more to improve on diagnosing pain. This easy to read tool will pay for itself. So glad I found it.

Amy F. Van Dyk

I thoroughly enjoyed this book!! Great reference to finding out the root of the horse’s pain. I am not a chiropractor so I’m having the author come out to work on my horse, I’m super excited about that.

Richard Johnson

My wife has read it nearly twice and keeps referencing it as we continue to try and promote good health for her Mountain Pleasure.

Raquel Q. (South San Francisco, CA, US)

I have learned a lot about horses by just looking at the pictures in this book! haha but I did read the book as well and has great insight on how to find where your horse hurts…I watch my horses’ chiro perform all of the test I had already perform on him so it’s right on the money with that!

Geneviève Plante

Nice book with a lot of details. But its not a treatment book. A good diagnosis book before to call a pro…

Vicki Wilson

Great for getting people to look past bahaviour and see that horses hurt too for many reasons. Easy read and halpful


I am a massage therapist and am hoping to diversify with animals…horses and dogs. This book will be very helpful along with another book I have that is specifically massaging horses…also one on dogs. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Patricia M. Furr (Tennessee)

Easy to read and understand and the pictures are a great help. Felt secure knowing a vet wrote the book.

kathy pennenga

A generous veterinarian has shared her knowledge and wisdom with the average horse owner. Help you horses, educate yourself! Amazing results!


First my horse is happy, and he shows it. Gave me better understanding of how to evaluate what is going on with my horse. We both are glad to have the book.

D. Gardell (Fairfax, Vt. USA)

This guide is a good place to start when you have a horse that is showing subtle signs of pain. It has a comprehensive approach to evaluating the whole body and I found it invaluable.

Victoria Hall “mulereiner” (wyoming)

I would looking for something with a little more meat in it, but this is ok for the person that is trying to find out where their animal hurts.
It attempts to narrow it down for you and guides you to when to call the vet or chiro.
Its a good book and good pics, I just needed something with more treatable answers in it.
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