Coughing during warmup?

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Any horse can cough during warmup. Especially if it’s hot, dry, or dusty. But what if the horse always coughs during warmup, just at the beginning? Is that normal? Julie was telling me about her horse, “Cal”, as we walked down the aisleway. We could see Cal ahead, sticking his chestnut head over the door and nickering. “Cal is mostly … Read More

Podcast Episode 1: How do we get horse therapy wrong?

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Ever wonder how veterinary medicine gets treatment wrong? I talk about this in this episode of my “Horse Mysteries solved” podcast, “How do we get horse therapy wrong? For example, with skin diseases (hives, fly allergies, just plain itchy) horses are typically treated with antibiotics and steroids. This can help temporarily, but it is not addressing the root cause of … Read More

Guest Post: Toni Horsley – Equine Therapist

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Toni Horsley: Equine therapist Article posted in the Equestrian Hub November/December 2021 issue. — A highly qualified therapist who specialises in a wide variety of alternative modalities, we asked TONI HORSLEY to tell us about her approach to healing.   How do you ‘read’ a horse?   I use all my abilities to read a horse. Typically a few things will … Read More

Crooked Leg

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I love TBT!  Another incredible change after the first visit from a TBT Alignment Specialist (after Mod II).   Just look at this horse.  He’s 25 years old, and has been dealing with a twisted right front leg.  You can see in the “before” photo that even the hoof seems twisted.  There’s also tension throughout the leg, causing ligament ‘bulging’ … Read More

Before and After

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  Isn’t this foal gorgeous?   I don’t get to work on foals that often anymore, so I was delighted to see this baby in Gina’s case report (Gina had just completed the Module II Skeletal Alignment seminar).   These photos were taken approximately 45 minutes apart.   Can you spot the differences?   I realize the photo quality isn’t … Read More

Release the Tension

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Lovely “before and after” treatment result photos, by TBT Master Practitioner Sharon Bridgeman of Australia. What I’d like to highlight with these photos is the amount of tension in the horse in the ‘before’ photo. You can see tension in every part of his body, though his eye appears peaceful enough. Many techniques focus on relieving this tension, including massage, … Read More

GUEST Post: If You Don’t Have The Back, You Have Nothing

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Dr. Tucker’s comments about this guest post at the end of this article. It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing Written By: Thomas Ritter From time to time students in our online courses or in my clinics tell me about “helpful” comments from their instructors or other experts, such as: ”You can do all the movements … Read More