GUEST Post: If You Don’t Have The Back, You Have Nothing

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Dr. Tucker’s comments about this guest post at the end of this article. It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing Written By: Thomas Ritter From time to time students in our online courses or in my clinics tell me about “helpful” comments from their instructors or other experts, such as: ”You can do all the movements … Read More

The dog broke my wrist

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  Ever have a problem that keeps coming back? Are you suspicious that the real underlying cause may be eluding you (or your vet)? The following is an example of just such a thing.   The dog broke my wrist One time I fell forward while playing tug with a Great Dane. Yep, he won. But after I fell forward … Read More

Horse Fat vs. Fluid

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Is this horse fat?

This sweet Shetland pony, “Orangy” was on a diet. Her owner, Jason, explained he rescued her two months ago.  “And dang was she fat!”  It’s incredible that people let their ponies get so fat.  She could have foundered or died!” Jason went on to say, “We’ve had her on a diet.  She’s lost some weight, but we can’t get rid … Read More

Broodmare shockingly goes Grand Prix

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The whispers blew through the crowded stands like wind over fields of wheat. Each head bobbed and turned and spread the hushed words, “I heard he bought that mare for $1000!” And replies of, “No! I heard it was only $750.00.” The Grand Prix mare in question flicked an irritated ear as she passed by the grandstands. Only the girl … Read More

The Bladder Stone Ghost

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horse bladder stone

The email started off well enough… “The first day after you adjusted him, he was perfect! Moving forward, lifting up, head stretching down easily. It was an amazing ride.” Courtney’s email read. I love to see happy stories in my inbox. But I was surprised to see the story take a down-turn. “But after a couple of days, the problems … Read More

Lightbulbs about Horse Teeth

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horse teeth

A beautiful Warmblood mare (whom I’ll call Black Damsel) continuously had problems.  I had been doing chiropractic and acupuncture work on her for over a year .  Yet her neck was stiff, and she would grind her teeth when being ridden.  Black Damsel constantly had neck and lumbar subluxations.  The same chiropractic pattern would reappear every single month.  This is … Read More

The Peg-Leg

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The Peg-leg horse The Johnston’s texted me that they needed Uri checked because he had come down funny off a jump. The next day he had been off with swelling around his coffin bone area (left rear leg). The ligaments had been ultrasounded and were fine, and in a week the swelling was gone. But now Katie texted that, “He’s … Read More