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Dr. Tucker is the creator of Tucker BioKinetic™, a gentle form of realignment that all horses love. A gentle and relaxing technique, it nevertheless is more powerful and lasts longer than traditional chiropractic.

Dr. Tucker’s Practice Area

Dr. Tucker is based out of Los Angeles, California. If you are within a two-hour driving radius, it’s possible that Dr. Tucker can travel to your stable. This depends on her availability and number of horses on the schedule.

If you are outside of the greater LA area, Dr. Tucker does travel by plane to large groups of horses. Minimum number of horses is eight per day.

FAQs About Appointments

  • First-time appointments take approximately one hour.
  • All full visits are full exams. Every single joint is aligned. Head, to tail to hoof.
  • Please have your saddle(s) available for saddle fit check, if needed.
  • Horses need 48 hours after appointment with NO riding, and plenty of turnout or hand-walking.


In the greater LA area:
First time: $395 + travel fee
Rechecks (within three months): $325 + travel fee

Outside greater LA Area:
First time: varies  + travel fee
Rechecks: varies + travel fee

Variables include number of horses, travel time, and days out-of-town, etc.

To Make an Appointment,  send email:

What People Are Saying About Dr. Tucker

Dr. Renee has worked on many of the horses out at my barn over the past years and I have seen so much improvement in those horses. Not only soundness issues, but attitudes changed. Horses who were cranky (because they were in pain) are now happy to do their jobs! I really like the fact that Dr. Renee uses a gentle method of chiropractic care, my horses really like it when she works on them, you can see the relief in their eyes!

~ JoLynn Turner
Barn owner, 4H Leader, WAHSET Coach
Ridgefield, WA

Dr. Tucker gets great results, and best of all, the horses love the process. When she is working, their head goes down, their eyes soften, and they melt under her touch. I would recommend Dr. Tucker’s technique for an adjunct therapy for any horse with minor soundness issues

~ Natacha Lefkowitz, DVM
Portland, OR

I have been blessed in my life to have met a few people with truly remarkable healing abilities, and Dr. Renee Tucker is one of the best. I have so much to be thankful to her for….I have a 17 yr old thoroughbred, and I could tell there was something that just wasn’t right — he was not himself. Trainers would say “Come on, make him do this,” or “He is just being lazy.” We were struggling…. After having muscle work done, various other therapies, changing my saddle and double-checking the fit, still there was something off. We just weren’t back to him being the horse I knew so well. Then a friend suggested Renee. The results were profound — and I watched my horse come back to being his old self. He was able to do what I was asking of him, and he had that engaged look about him, not so shut down…

But what struck me the most were two things. Firstly, the feel that Renee has, she really “senses” what the horse needs, from poll to tail. She works with the complete horse. And secondly, that the adjustments held! I have never seen such big results with such gentle work. I can’t begin to understand what she does, but am so inspired by the results I have seen in Jack. Thank you Renee!

~ Lucy Metcalf
Portland, OR

My Friesian stallion Jork had been experiencing trouble learning lateral movements. A young dressage horse, his refusal to move away from the right leg seemed to be very perplexing to everyone who worked with him. It was almost as if he was two completely different horses on the left versus the right side of his body. He had been imported from Holland at age 3 with no history of major falls or injuries, and with a clean extensive veterinary health check.

A good friend suggested Dr. Renee Tucker to me. At our first appointment, she explained that he showed signs of a significant fall of some type, and the resulting misalignment had caused extensive muscle tightening and spasm. She spent a great deal of time and effort with both my horse and myself explaining the issues involve. Further she gave me suggestions on basic supplement changes that I could make to help my horse recover from his old injury and prevent further problems. In addition, Dr. Tucker proved invaluable in helping me discover what I needed in an excellent saddle fit. Jork saw Dr. Tucker monthly to reassess his condition. Within 3 months, his condition had completely resolved.

More to the point, my horse within the next 6 months learned all the lateral movements including half-pass, developed a fabulous collected canter, and we started the flying changes! What a difference it made to have my stallion balanced and comfortable in his body. I owe a great deal to Dr. Tucker’s skillful assessment.

~ Kathy Carroll
Kelso, WA

Want to align and heal horses?

Want to Align and Heal Horses? You Can!