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Isn’t this foal gorgeous?   I don’t get to work on foals that often anymore, so I was delighted to see this baby in Gina’s case report (Gina had just completed the Module II Skeletal Alignment seminar).


These photos were taken approximately 45 minutes apart.   Can you spot the differences?


I realize the photo quality isn’t great because I had to scan it.  Also, the photos are at different angles, etc.


Nevertheless, do you see how the “before” photo shows the foal slightly over-at-the-knee?  And how her head is tipped a bit (nose to right)?   In addition, the back is correctly elongated in the “after” photo, as well as less tension in the neck, and a more rounded hind end.


These little guys need alignment help too.  Because Gina was able to do the alignment corrections at this early age, there won’t be any developmental consequences (such as OCD and the like.)

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