50 Horse Secrets Ebook

Dr. Renee Tucker has been a practicing equine veterinarian for over 20 years. She specializes in her form of bodywork, Tucker BioKinetic. This unique background helps her learn “Secrets” that your vet really doesn’t know. Why? Because they weren’t taught in vet school.

Discover These Horse Secrets that Your Vet Doesn’t Know…

  • Find out WHY your horse has a favorite direction
  • Discover WHY your horse has sensitive skin
  • Realize what “funky steps” are telling you
  • And 47 other secrets!

Here’s What People Are Saying About the 50 Horse Secrets…

“The ’50 Horse Secrets’ Email series that Dr Renee Tucker provided was great insight into common horse problems and how to overcome them. She wrote the “secrets” in a way that was easy to understand and gave advice that was sound and easy to follow. I’m going to miss receiving my 50 Horse Secret emails and am looking forward to a follow up series!”

~ Ali M, Horse and Pony Owner

“I really appreciated the 50 secrets. I am now much more independent and needs less intervention from others. The info you provided is now part of my library. Thanks for sharing!”

~ Landon A

“As a Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapist and Equine Behavioral Consultant, I signed up to receive Dr Renee Tucker’s emails because I’m always looking to increase my knowledge and understanding, and I wasn’t disappointed! They are easy to read, interesting and informative, and give the horse owner the tools to be able to understand his horse better. This can only be good for the horse!”

~ Sue P, Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapist

“The Where Does My Horse Hurt emails were rather a revelation to me, the ones that seemed to apply to my horse were fascinating. I tried a lot of the techniques and had success with several. This is a confidence giving way to assist your horse yourself.”

~ Celie J

“I DID look forward to each of the ’50 Horse Secrets’ and wish they would continue on however HOW would you ever have time for the additional work and have a life too? I have loaned your wonderful book out again so I have your ’50 Secrets’ to keep me going in its absence. My horses have been so patient with me as my fumbling fingers follow your directions. I love that both the book and the accompanying ’50 Secrets’ guides us through your knowledge and experience and helps us explore our horse’s lumps, bumps, muscles and joints without doing them any harm!”

~ Susie H, Crain Ridge

“I’m a new horse owner and Dr. Renee’s Horse Secrets are a part of my library. It’s where I go first”

~ Jim W, Yankee Hill, CA

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