Ulcer Report

Up to 90% of horses currently suffer with at least one or more of 55 HIDDEN Ulcer symptoms…

My Simple 5-Step Method will FREE your horse from Ulcers FOREVER without costly drugs, treatments, or vet visits
…or your money back.

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 Various studies have reported the incidence in ulcers in performance horses to range from 40-60% in sport horses such as dressage, show jumping.

(McClure et al. 1999, Mitchell 2001), endurance (Nieto et al. 2004), and western performance (Bertone, 2000) while the incidence in race horses is reported to be as high as 80-90% (Murray, 1996-2000 and Vatistas, 1999).

  • Discover the REAL reason up to 90% of horses have ulcers.
  • Save thousands of dollars by stopping “band-aid” treatments—that don’t fix the true cause of ulcers.
  • Find out what treatments (medical and herbal) actually work, and which create more problems.
  • Discover the underlying causes that you MUST eliminate to rid your horse of ulcers forever.

Ulcer QUIZ

If you answer “YES” to 2 or more questions below, your horse most likely has ulcers and is in imminent danger of colic, digestive issues, poor performance, and “bad” behavior:

  1. Is your horse unhappy with riding?
  2. Does your horse eat his or her food in “stages”? For instance, eating a few bites, backing up a few steps, and then moving forward to eat again?
  3. Does your horse drink a lot of water with food (or dunk hay in water)?
  4. Is your horse girthy or cinchy?
  5. Do you wish your horse would go forward more easily and willingly?
  6. Does your horse have dark (nearly black) feces?
  7. Do you believe in your heart that your horse is “stressed”?
  8. Are you doing everything you know to do for your horse, yet you still feel he or she is not perfectly healthy and happy?
  9. Is your horse sensitive over the lumbar (low back) area?
  10. Does your horse grind his or her teeth when riding or eating?

If you answered yes to more than 2 questions, and think your horse has ulcers…it’s NOT YOUR FAULT!

Dear Horse Owner,I’ve been searching for answers to horse ulcers for a long time. For nearly 20 years I’ve tried all kinds of treatments and therapies.I’m happy to tell you that after two decades of searching, I’ve found the answers.

The solutions are put together in a simple, 5-step system that works every time to cure and prevent ulcers in horses.

It’s all in one report called… Fix Ulcers Forever.

Your horse’s pain

Over the years, I’ve seen way too many people affected by their horse’s ulcers.

And, if you’re like most horse owners who are struggling with horse ulcers, then you’ll recognize what I’m about to describe…

  • You’ve watched your horse’s symptoms get worse for days, months, maybe even years.
  • You’ve seen a change in their attitude and behavior….from a friendly, happy horse who enjoyed work to a sad, angry horse who runs away from work. Even to the far end of the pasture or sticking his head in the corner of the stall.
  • You’ve seen a change in their appearance…their once breautiful coat now lacks its shine and has been replaced by dullness.
  • You watch as your once energetic and award winning horse suffers from a lack of performance. Maybe all she wants to do now is stand in her stall.
  • You might even be uncertain if your horse has ulcers…all you know is something is off.

You are frustrated, confused, unsure of how to treat and how to prevent this from ever happening again…

And, all you really want is to get rid of the ulcers and the pain it is causing you and your horse. Well, I’ve got news for you…

It’s not going to get better!

By the time your horse starts to show the above symptoms in the quiz, the ulcers are bad. Gastric ulcers at the “black poop” point can be life threatening.

But, I can tell you what’s going to happen next. You’ll be prescribed some medication and other treatments and hopefully it will work. It does for many. And while your horse will be relieved of pain in the near present, in the long term things are most likely not going to get better.

Not by a long shot.

Here’s why: the regular ulcer symptoms you read about online and in horse magazines are ulcers in late stages. If you’re seeing these symptoms, your horse has been in serious discomfort for quite some time.

And if you’ve been reading and searching for answers then I hate to break it to you but…

You’ve been set up for failure.

Yes, set up.

You’ve been taught to recognize ulcers only when the symptoms were bad enough that they warranted medical and drug treatment. And, by the way, on top of the drugs you’ll be giving to your horse every day is a big, fat bill from the vet for all the treatments and procedures (approx $250-$400 for each endoscopy).

Just in case you didn’t know, a one month treatment of Gastrogard typically costs more than $1000.00 USD. No, that’s not a typo. One thousand dollars for 30 days of treatment. And many times, you need more than one month.

But there is hope.


Let me tell you a story

One sunny day in California, I went to see a gorgeous brown gelding named “Odin”.

Dan, Odin’s owner, told me this, “Odin will not go forward. At all! We can go sideways, backwards, and circles both directions. Even his trainer, who has been riding him for six years, cannot get him to go forward anymore.”

Dan continued, “He was always difficult, but now he has become impossible.”

Odin had NONE of the typical ulcer symptoms that his owner would have recognized. No depression, rough hair coat, history of colic, not eating well, and no black feces. But he did have ulcers.
How did I know?

First of all, poor Odin was just crawling out of his skin. He hated being touched. Dan had purchased “boatloads” of brushes trying to get one that Odin would tolerate. No luck. It was ulcers, not the brushes, that made him so sensitive.

Next, when I looked at Odin, I saw “stress” all over his body. His eye was stressed, his muscles were stressed, his whole being oozed stress. Dan hadn’t noticed it, because Odin had come to him that way. He thought it was normal behavior for Odin.

Yet that “stress” indicates ulcers. Especially “stress lines” under the eye. Here is an example of a horse with “stress-lines”:

The eye stress-lines and the sensitive skin sign are just two of over 55 HIDDEN ulcer symptoms detailed for you in my Fix Ulcers Forever PDF Report.

Odin was what I call an “emergency” case of ulcers. His were bad enough that colic was definitely a possibility. So Odin did 30 days of omeprazole. He was immediately better—and would go forward again.

However, you can’t keep horses on omeprazole (or any other acid blocker or neutralizer) forever. Why? Because there are many problems with traditional drugs such as:

  • the “rebound effect”
  • digestive difficulties
  • the horse’s body producing even more acid for digestion!

These problems are completely explained (with no gobblydegook medical terms) so that you can understand why these products are not good for your horse long term.

Odin and his owner continued with the 5-Step Fix Ulcers Forever System. Over the next few months, he successfully got off omeprazole, and went on to have a great career without the ulcers returning. And this is in a high-stress show barn!

Now each horse will have a different timeline, but every horse can be ulcer free—no matter what kind of environment they’re in.

“My horse is NOT stressed, yet I’m sure she has ulcers.”

I believe you! Many of my clients had their horses on ulcer medications because:

  1. They believed you can “prevent” ulcers by giving medications—(which you can’t, by the way)
  2. They kept them on meds because their horses act better, AND behave worse or perform poorly without them.

They had no idea that the ulcer medications were causing problems, including possible femur and jawbone fractures!

They had no idea that they could heal their horses ulcers permanently.

They had no idea they could prevent any recurring ulcers naturally.

The Fix Ulcers Forever PDF Report helps you…

1) Simplify your life by having all ulcer information (even the hard-to-find) in one place:

  • Signs of ulcers
  • How to check your horse for ulcers
  • What are ulcers and where can they hide?
  • Should you have your horse scoped?
  • What does your endoscopy report mean?
  • Why do ulcers occur–most important!
  • What are the solutions?
  • Which solution is best for your horse?

That’s not all though…

You see, I designed the Fix Ulcers Forever Report with my 5-Step System that I personally use every day. This is so important because it allows you to get the knowledge you need for your unique situation.

That means you won’t get just a generic list of standard information and common symptoms.

2) You’ll get a path designed for you and your horse.

  • Three reasons why so many horse owners have NO IDEA their horse has ulcers.
  • How to find out for sure if your horse has ulcers (Hint: there are four crucial steps to take).
  • The story of the horse who took two steps back and two steps forward.
  • Four “Alarm Points” on your horse you need to check immediately if you think they have ulcers.
  • The complete answer to the question: “Should I have endoscopy?” (I’ll tell you everything you need to know and consider with this procedure.)
  • What to do when your horse mysteriously acts like he has ulcers, but he really doesn’t.

3) You’ll discover mistakes to avoid

  • Why many of today’s drug treatments don’t work
  • The truth about Gastrogard…and how it should be used.
  • How innocent horse owners who don’t know the correct “sequence” of treating ulcers can cause colic!
  • Why you shouldn’t have any bodywork done on your horse with ulcers.
  • The destructive “rebound effect” of ulcer medication…the pain it will cause your horse and how you can avoid it.
  • Drugs that can secretly cause ulcers

4) Crucial Care Plans, product spreadsheets, and mindmaps

  • Care Plans, for every situation an “ulcer horse” can be in…from the “emergency” situation, to “on medications already”, to “not sure my horse has ulcers”, to “want to prevent ulcers”
  • My personal big checklist of 55 symptoms that could mean your horse has ulcers. (Developed directly from my past 20 years of research and personal treatment of horses.) I know of no other list this all-encompassing.
  • List of herbs, drugs, and homeopathy treatments for your horse. I explain the pros and cons of each so you’ll know which is best for your situation.
  • Checklist of environmental contributing causes…and my strategy for removing them for busy horse owners.
  • List of foods you need to avoid feeding your ulcer-prone horse, with a detailed explanation for each.

So what’s the price?

This report cost thousands of dollars to create. I know that may sound extreme. But it’s true. I hired researchers in different countries to find divergent information.

I invested in multiple, old horse veterinary texts (as old as 1896).

Then there’s the design, editing, website, and blah blah blah.

But let’s talk about your costs.

Many of you know that one 30-day regimen of omeprazole (Gastrogard) costs over $1000.00 USD. No, that’s not a typo. Yes, that’s over one thousand dollars for one month. And that one 30-day treatment rarely fixes the problem.

Then after the supposed “treatment”, then you have to “maintain” your horse’s gut with “preventative” meds or herbal supplements. And those are easily $100.00 per month. Every month. For the rest of your horses life!

If you decide to do “scoping” (ie. Endoscope) your horse’s stomach, that is an additional $250.00 (estimated) each time.

  • What if your horse needs an additional six months of training because she just cannot concentrate due to the pain in her gut? What is six months training worth to you in time and money?
  • What if your horse can’t even show anymore because his behavior becomes out of control and he is so miserable you don’t have the heart to do what you love to do anymore?
  • What if your horse breaks her leg due to the side effects of medical drugs (fractures are listed on the adverse effects in the package insert–and I’ve seen them.)

What’s that worth?

I really don’t mean to come across “sales-y”. I just see these things happen every day! It is hurting my heart to see these horses, and their owners, suffering like this when it can be fixed.

Most of the barns I go into have at least half the horses on ulcer medications or ulcer preventatives. Do you realize that is a LOT of money to the pharmaceutical industry? Do you think they want you to fix your horse forever?

I really want the horses fixed.

One woman who purchased my report said, “I am so glad I got your report! I knew it! I knew there had to be more to it than “environmental stress.” Back when I was a child, we had horses in straight stalls 24/7, constantly eating grain, and none of them ever acted like they had ulcers.”

TWO WAYS to invest in the Fix Ulcers Forever Report

1) Report + SIX Months Email Support…$259.95

I have written the report to be as easy-to-follow as possible. However, sometimes people have special questions that may need more personalized responses.

Ulcer PDF Report WITH Six months email support $259.95

Buy Now

Here are some good reasons to consider purchasing the Report with email support:

  • You have already tried absolutely everything to help your horse with ulcers and nothing is working.
  • You’d enjoy step-by-step partnership throughout your horse’s healing process.
  • You don’t want to waste any time by making a mistake. You just want to know for sure what you’re doing is correct.
  • You find feeding and supplements confusing (or a hassle) in general.
  • You’ve found in the past that your horse isn’t “typical”. He or she often seems to land “outside the rule-book”.

Email support is perfect if you need immediate advice or just want the comfort of knowing somebody’s there to help when you get frustrated or overwhelmed.

The email support that I offer includes as many emails as you need. Seriously. Send me every question you’ve got. I will tell you that with my travel schedule it may take me a few days to get back to you. But your emails always have priority!

Do realize that I will also ask you questions to make sure I have all the specifics for your horse, so I can be sure to get you the right answers. They’re not difficult questions, though. We’ll have lots of fun together, and most importantly— your horse will be fixed and happy!

My average billing rate is $250.00 per hour. To get every answer you need personalized for your horse—for SIX MONTHS—you pay only $259.00. This includes the downloaded report.

Why is six months of personalized email support this inexpensive? Because I’ve found that the average person sends me three emails, and it takes me about an hour to answer them. Some people have more questions, some have less.

Regardless, $200 is a very generous price for six months of unlimited email support, imho. It’s certainly less than a month of omeprazole!

2) Download Report Only…..$59.95

Ulcer PDF Report Only $59.95

Buy Now


  • Includes the real, unvarnished truth about ulcers
  • Over 60 pages, plus bonuses
  • Summary pages (if you only have time to “scan”)
  • Detailed Care Plans for each unique horse situation
  • Product Spreadsheets (including US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand)
  • Herbal products included
  • Mindmaps of ulcer causes

Is this report for you?

Look, I’m never sure if something on the internet will be right for me
either. You never know until you see it, right?

How about this?

If you are uncomfortable unless you are following the majority opinion,
do NOT buy this. Seriously. Or if your trainer won’t allow you to treat your horse outside of “mainstream” thinking.

If the truth about healing ulcers was in the mainstream opinion, then the majority of horses would not have ulcers. But they do.

Still, knowing the truth does not make it easy to do some things that no one else at your barn is doing.


You have a 60-day, 100% money back Guarantee. I really, truly believe this Report will help you fix your horse’s ulcers forever. If you don’t agree, I am happy to refund your money.

TWO WAYS to invest in the Fix Ulcers Forever Report

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100% Money-Back Guarantee!

We’re ready to prove everything we claim. Download The Product right now, and see it for yourself within the next 60 DAYS. If the product does not live up to any the claims stated here. I don’t want your money, and I’ll give back every penny back to you. No hassles and we can part as friends.
100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

Save your horse from ulcers

Ulcer PDF Report Only $59.95

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Ulcer PDF Report WITH Six months email support $259.95

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